Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1380

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One thing was clear.

After all, this man was about to become the top leader of this country. She had no intention of gaining anything from this, but she also did not want to continue to be hostile to him. If she really offended him, it would not do her any good.

Even if she had been angry and dissatisfied in the past, after so many years, it had mostly dissipated. There was no need for her to keep harping on the past.

Just treat it as ordinary friends getting along. Their relationship might not even be that of friends, at best, they were acquaintances. He said it himself. After all, they had known each other for many years.

Thinking of this, Jing Tong felt relieved. She slowly let out a breath and gave Jiang Yu a fake smile, ” “Then I won’t be polite.”


Jiang Yu’s pupils contracted, but his expression remained cold. He didn’t ease up at her words.

Jing Tong did not mind and continued to look at the scenery outside the window.

Jiang Yu suddenly realized that perhaps he’d rather this woman continue to go head-to-head with him. At least it meant that she still had expectations of him.

She let go of the thorns all over her body, not because she had accepted him, but because his words and actions would no longer affect her.

At this thought, Jiang Yu’s eyes grew colder and darker. In the end, he could only respond with an ” mm “.


An hour later, they were finally seated in the private plane. Jing Tong was so tired after a day that she couldn’t take it anymore. She didn’t even say goodbye and directly went to sleep in the only bedroom on the plane.

Of course, Jiang Yu didn’t object. However, his expression grew colder when he saw the woman close the door and keep him out.

The security guard had just turned on his computer and was planning to take the opportunity to prepare some documents and files. He accidentally saw the cold expression on his chief’s face and his heart skipped a beat.

“Minister, why don’t you go in and rest for a while?”

“No, I won’t.” Jiang Yu crossed his fingers and pondered for a while before saying, ” give me Jing Tong’s file. Does anyone know her background at the company she’s currently working at?”

“No, I haven’t. Miss Jing is very low-key in the company, but she’s popular.” The guard took out the file.

“Good friends? Do you have many friends?”

“True friends should be zero. I didn’t expect miss Jing to be ye Shengge’s maid of honor. As far as I know, she doesn’t know ye Shengge very well.”

At least ye Shengge knows her true identity and background. Jiang Yu’s fingers curled and he knocked on the table lightly. call her company’s Human Resources Manager after your visit tomorrow. You don’t have to say it out loud, just give her a hint.

“What are you hinting at, chief?” the guard was confused.

Jiang Yu glanced at him and said,”the capital is her home. It’s where she grew up.” She needs true friends.”

At least he could keep her by his side and create enough opportunities to meet her.

The guard was stunned for a moment before he suddenly understood.

“Yes.” He quickly nodded, but he couldn’t help but complain in his heart. He didn’t expect his commander to be so Black-bellied.


Jing Tong slept until the plane landed.

She was still in a daze when she woke up and almost fell when she got off the plane. Fortunately, Jiang Yu caught her in time.

The man’s burning palm made Jing Tong wake up with a start and she flung Jiang Yu’s hand away.

“No, I can walk on my own.” She laughed drily.

This action made the coldness in the man’s eyes deepen. He clenched his right hand into a fist, but in the end, he did nothing.

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