Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1386

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Jiang Yu’s eyebrows twitched and his eyes darkened.”The only good thing you have is your good looks? Are you sure?”

Jing Tong had originally thought that with Jiang Yu’s personality, he wouldn’t be bothered with her complaints and would at most frown. Who knew he would actually refute her?

She couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

“How rare, you actually care about other people’s comments? Yingluo, alright then. Of course, you’re not just handsome. Yingluo, you’re upright, have strong principles, and have strong execution and ability. Of course, these are also your strengths. If we’re choosing a leader, I’ll definitely support you with all my might.” Jing Tong shook her head as she said, ” as a friend, it’s still a stretch. At least you’re still willing to help others. But as a lover, it’s really too terrible. I hope you find a wife who happens to like your type.

Jiang Yu’s expression grew gloomier.


“Your judgment is too arbitrary.” His voice was a little tense. we’ve never been lovers. How do you know that I must be terrible as a lover? ”

Jing Tong was speechless.

“Perhaps you’d like to try?” Jiang Yu looked at her and remained calm. if you come to this conclusion again, I have nothing to say.

I’m just casually looking for a topic to chat with you, why are you so serious about it, Yingluo? ” Jing Tong was a little indignant. anyway, whether you’re a good lover or not is none of my business. It’s fine as long as your future wife is satisfied.

Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow and said in a low voice, ” “Of course, I’ll make sure she’s satisfied,”

This time, the person who felt stifled was Jing Tong.

She used her chopsticks to poke the braised fish fiercely, picked a large piece and put it in the bowl. Then she took a big bite, as if she had a deep hatred for the fish.

Jiang Yu took in her reaction.

The man’s cold expression suddenly softened, and the corners of his lips even curled up slightly.

“What’s wrong?” you don’t seem very happy, ” he said calmly.

“Why would I?” Jing Tong gave a fake smile. I’m very happy for you to have this awareness. I originally thought that with your personality, you’d be lonely until you die.”

“Oh, really? Thank you for your concern.” Jiang Yu’s tone was indifferent.

Jing Tong was even more depressed.

[ f * ck, you’re so cold. What can you do to satisfy your future wife? ] If you want to get a wife, you can only rely on a political marriage. Otherwise, who would want to marry you?

As Jing Tong silently criticized, he buried his head and ate.

Of course, Jiang Yu didn’t know what she was thinking. However, seeing that she was unhappy, he looked even more relaxed and happy.

Jing Tong turned his grief and anger into his appetite. He gobbled up more than half of the food on the table and almost died from overeating.

She threw down her chopsticks and took a deep breath. “I’m done, I’ll go back to my room first.”

Yingluo’s blood pressure would always rise from anger whenever she was with this man. For the sake of her health, she’d better reduce her contact with him.

“Go on.” Jiang Zhiwei nodded slightly. I’ll go to your room to find you later.

Jing Tong had just stood up and was about to leave his seat. When he heard this, he was almost stunned.”What are you doing in my room?”

Her tone was filled with fear.

Jiang Yu glanced at her. of course it’s about your job. It’s not easy to get into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Even if I write a recommendation letter for you, you have to work hard. If you don’t pass the exam, they will not accept you. It’s a good thing I have some information here that you can use. I’ll bring it to you later.”

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