Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1389

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Chapter 1389: 1389 minutes turned into dregs in seconds

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Jiang Yu pursed his lips, feeling frustrated and frustrated.

He didn’t expect her to like him so much, but he didn’t expect her to be so defensive and resistant to him. It was as if to her, he was no different from any random stranger. That was why she was so resistant to his touch and even resentful.


This realization made Jiang Yu even more suffocated.

“I’ll be more careful in the future.” As he spoke, he flipped open the document. let’s start.

The man’s tone was light. It was obvious that those flirtatious little actions were just a spur of the moment. Perhaps he thought that she would be as easily bewitched by his every move as before?

Hehe, men are all big pig trotters!

Jing Tong cursed in her heart. She suppressed all her chaotic thoughts and forced herself to focus on the information.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not only test Professional knowledge but also political affairs. Jiang Yu said, ” these are the questions from the previous entrance exams. You can take a look. This is the latest political news. I’ve made some notes combined with the previous test questions. You can take a look.”

As he spoke, he marked the key points on the information.

Jing Tong nodded in understanding, but she followed the man’s Pen and looked for a while, and suddenly got a shock. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘entrance examination questions might be information that you already had, but Wanwan, you just did the current political analysis, right?”

“Of course,” Jiang Yu replied.

Jing Tong’s eyes widened as he looked at him in disbelief. “So, in the time I took to shower, you’ve already understood the question and made so many notes?”

“Is there a problem?” Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow.

Jing Tong silently closed her mouth, and her heart was even more depressed … Thinking about how she had been a slacker since she was young, although she went to a famous school, she had to admit that if it wasn’t for her father’s relationship, she would not have been accepted. Now that she had met a true-blue straight-A student, she was really hit hard.

Fortunately, she had some talent in language, and she could barely make a living with this talent. Otherwise, she would probably have starved to death long ago.

No wonder Jiang Yu didn’t like her. Back then, other than her family background, she really didn’t have anything good to show. Although she felt that she was not bad looking, she was nothing compared to this man’s beauty.

“If you have any questions, you can ask me at any time.” Seeing that she did not speak, the man spoke again.

Jing Tong dejectedly shook his head,”No.” I just feel that it’s too much for you to spend time explaining to me. ”

Jiang Yu looked at her with her head lowered and subconsciously wanted to stroke her hair.

However, when he thought of this woman’s resistance to him, he could only suppress it. He coughed and said, ” “It’s alright, I happen to be free today. And Yingluo ”

“And what?” Jing Tong asked.

And I’m happy to.

Jiang Yu’s heart churned, but he didn’t say it out loud. He turned to the next page. besides, I’m the one who recommended you. If you fail the exam, you’ll be embarrassing me.

“That’s true.” Jing Tong nodded and tried to lift his spirits. I will try my best.


Although the exam questions were difficult, under Jiang Yu’s in-depth but simple explanation, Jing Tong quickly grasped the essence, and the rest was to rote.

She weighed the documents in her hand smugly. I’m quite smart!

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