Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1392

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Chapter 1392: I’m glad you ignored me back then.

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Jing Tong wasn’t a completely insensible little girl. What hadn’t she seen at parties when she was studying abroad? Although she didn’t like to play, she always had a few friends who were more open. So she shouldn’t have made such a big fuss.

But the problem was that this was Jiang Yu!


In her heart, this man was synonymous with self-restraint. Back then, she was insensible and had impulsively used some underhanded means on him, but she had failed in the end.

Otherwise, why would she be so sure that this man had a cold personality?

But now, the man’s heavy and rapid breathing and dark eyes all showed that he had been dominated by desire.

Jiang Yu was also a man with desires. This knowledge had a huge impact on her! It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in this man’s character, but he really looked too dangerous right now, and all the hair on her body stood up.

However, Jiang Yu didn’t leave as she wished. Instead, he pursed his lips and approached her step by step.

“Don’t come any closer!” Jing Tong was so frightened that his voice changed pitch. Jiang Yu, I’m warning you, ran ran.

“Stop shouting.” The man’s hoarse voice was suppressed with a bit of helplessness and obscurity. I said I wouldn’t touch you.

who knew, ran ran? ” she straightened her neck. the books say that you can’t believe a single word a man says at this time!

Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened.

“You weren’t like this back then.” He said in a hoarse voice, ” if I remember correctly, you seemed to have tried to force yourself on me.

Jing Tong’s face suddenly turned red.

“I was insensible back then, Yingluo. Besides, I didn’t get my way, did I?” Her voice trembled. don’t tell me you still want to take revenge? You’re not such a petty person, are you?”

Jiang Yu’s Black eyes stared at her for a while, and his breathing was extremely slow.

“Are you really that scared?” The man finally spoke, ” or do you really hate me touching you that much? ”

Jing Tong also gradually calmed down, but his heart was still pounding, and the heat on his face had not faded.

Jiang Yu’s question confused her. Was she really afraid that he would suddenly turn into a beast, or was it because the man’s hormones were so strong that she had to use such an intense way to resist his attraction?

“So what if I am?” Jing Tong very quickly threw this question to the back of her mind and aggressively questioned him, ” why don’t you ask yourself, how did Wanwan become like this? Don’t you hate me? Don’t talk about physiological reaction, I didn’t see you having such a physiological reaction back then!”

Jiang Yu’s lips suddenly curled up. He took another step forward and put one hand on the bookcase, almost wrapping the woman in his arms, but he still didn’t touch her at all.

Jing Tong was embarrassed and simply wanted to run away.

“Yingluo, don’t mess around, Yingluo.”

“It seems like you regret that I didn’t do anything to you back then.” His Adam’s apple moved, and his handsome face pressed down on hers. His heavy breath blew on her face. at that time, I spent all my extra energy in the Army and couldn’t let you have your way. I’m very sorry.

Jing Tong felt that every word this man said seemed to carry a vigorous heat, causing her face to become even hotter.

“Yingluo, regret your sister!” She gritted her teeth in anger. I don’t have any regrets! I’m very happy that you didn’t pay attention to me back then. I really want to thank you for that!”

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