Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1394

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Chapter 1394: Sweeter than I remembered

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“Impossible.” Jiang Yu didn’t relax his grip at all and his voice was even more tense. as far as I know, you’ve been studying hard in the past few years when you were abroad. You didn’t even have many good friends. They were all acquaintances. I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

Jing Tong’s face turned red. She knew that this man had always sent people to protect her in secret during those years when she was abroad, so her whereabouts were no secret to him at all.


But with her personality, how could she admit defeat?

“It’s true that I’ve never had a boyfriend, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve never had a man! Do you understand what a one night stand is?” Jing Tong snorted. I was scared just now, not because I’m ignorant, but because I don’t understand you, Yingluo. Let go of me!

Jiang Yu’s face grew colder and darker, so dark that water was about to drip out.

“Jing Tong, you’d better be bluffing,” His voice was extremely cold. if this is true, don’t blame me for being impolite.

Jing Tong was even more furious.

“Who are you to me? What right do you have to control me!” She sneered. I’m telling you, I’m not only like this overseas. I’m like this in Sun City too. I’ve slept with at least a dozen men! What are you doing!”

Before Jing Tong could finish her arrogant words, the man who was extremely angry grabbed her chin. His handsome and cold face got closer and closer, so close that she could almost see his eyelashes.

Jing Tong’s eyes widened, and in the next second, as expected, his mouth was completely blocked by him. The man was probably really angered, so as soon as his thin lips pressed down, he unceremoniously sucked on her lips, sucking until Jing Tong’s lips were numb, and tears almost fell.

The man’s breath and actions were so aggressive that it made her feel afraid. Something must have gone wrong. This man couldn’t be Jiang Yu!

This thought flashed through her mind, but very quickly, the sharp pain from her jaw made her let go of all her thoughts. The man’s rough action forced her to open her mouth and let him enter, his hot tongue wantonly stirring.

However, his invasive instinct could not suddenly make him a master of kissing, so his kisses were completely without order. Jing Tong felt that her mouth was painful and numb, and her tongue and teeth knocked against each other from time to time. That strange and strong breath continued to penetrate deeper and deeper, making every cell in her body start to tremble.

Jing Tong’s blood was boiling, and anger and shame welled up in her heart. She finally began to struggle, but her body was firmly pressed against the bookcase by the man. He even used only one hand to lightly hold her wrists in place.

What was even more terrifying was that the man’s body was getting hotter and hotter, and his heart was beating faster and faster. There was no doubt that this kiss made his lust, which had not completely calmed down, boil again.

Jiang Yu also knew he should stop, but he couldn’t.

He had only wanted to use this method to block her red lips, but the woman’s soft lips were sweeter than he remembered-yes, he had kissed her before, and although he didn’t have the mood to taste it that time, it had left a faint memory in his heart, enough for him to reminisce.

But at this moment, this kiss was deeper and more thorough. Not to mention that the woman’s soft, trembling body was completely enveloped in his arms. As long as he wanted to, he could even do more excessive things to her.

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