Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1399

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Chapter 1399: That smile is very light, but it is filled with human affection.

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“Do you think I’m someone who would give up so easily?” The man glanced at her indifferently. besides, you have too many misunderstandings about me. I have to find a way to correct your opinion. For example, you insist that I only proposed to you because I don’t have a better choice, Yingluo.”

He paused for a moment, and his eyes became more meaningful. I have to prove to you that you’re wrong.


Jing Tong opened her mouth, but after a while, she found that she was speechless.

With this man’s personality, this was indeed something he would do. Since he had determined that she was the most suitable person for him, how could he give up so easily?

However, did he not understand the reason why she rejected him?

Jing Tong bitterly laughed in his heart, but his face was cold and uncaring.”As you wish. I won’t laugh at you if you decide to give up halfway. After all, I’ll be very cold, even colder than you were to me in the past.”

“That’s reasonable,” Jiang Yu nodded.

Jing Tong’s breath was stuck in his throat, and in the end, he could only say hatefully, ” “Can you leave my room now?”

Jiang Yu raised his wrist to check the time. It was almost 11 O ‘clock.

“Alright, rest early.” As the man spoke, he raised his hand and caressed her face. Then, he smiled and said, ” good night.

That smile was extremely light, but it was filled with a rare human touch, so much so that she was stunned at that moment.

It was not until the man turned around and left that Jing Tong suddenly came back to her senses.

Damn it, this man was getting better at groping! She wiped her face where he had touched her and kicked him hard from the back!

However, the man happened to turn around and saw her actions.

Jing Tong realized that she was wearing a nightgown and this kicking action would expose her, so she hurriedly put her legs down.

But it was too late.

The man’s eyes darkened and his voice was hoarse.”Lace is very sexy.”

After he finished speaking, he walked out and closed the door behind him, leaving Jing Tong, whose face was red with anger.

Yingluo didn’t bring her own clothes from Yangcheng, so she could only change into the lacy lingerie the servant had prepared for her. Who knew that this man would see her naked! It was simply a humiliation, and she was so angry! He made it seem like she was seducing him on purpose!

Jing Tong thought angrily. She originally planned to go to sleep, but her eyes caught a strand of hair on her skirt.

Right, she was rolling on the ground just now.

She had no choice but to get a new set of pajamas and go to the bathroom to take a shower.

When she finally tidied up and laid on the bed, it was already close to midnight. Usually, she would have been extremely tired, but today, she tossed and turned for a long time without being able to sleep.

When she was confronting Jiang Yu that night, she had only cared about being angry. But now, lying in bed alone, her heart was beating fast.

Although she had been infatuated with this man for a long time, this man had proposed to her in a serious manner today.

And she even rejected him!

She definitely didn’t think of this back then, did she?

She turned around and remembered that Jiang Yu had said he wanted to pursue her.

Hmph, I don’t know how long he can last. Pursuing someone was easier said than done. She had a deep understanding of this.

Her mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts. Jing Tong did not know when she fell asleep, but this sleep was not peaceful.

In a daze, she felt as if her mouth was blocked, and a hot and strong breath invaded all her senses.

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