Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1402

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Chapter 1402: It is clearly an evil plot.

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“Ah, I’ll remember that.” Duan Zhe coughed, as if to hide his guilty conscience. it’s just that you know the situation in the capital. It’s very difficult to find a suitable house, so I might need some time to sort it out.

it’s okay, just do your best. When I’m done with my entrance exam, I’ll take the time to look at the house. Jing Tong said as he waved his hand.


Duan Zhe had no choice but to agree.

Duan Zhe did some calculations and realized that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘entrance examination was three days later.

So, could the Head of the Department make miss Jing stay?


After Duan Zhe left, Jing Tong opened her luggage. All of her items were separated into different categories and placed neatly. She was very satisfied.

As expected of Jiang Yu’s people, they were reliable.

She took out some necessities, closed her suitcase, and began to prepare for the entrance examination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

There were only two days to prepare, so Jing Tong cherished it very much. Other than eating, the rest of the time was spent on revision.

If only she had been this hardworking when she was studying. If that had been the case, she might have been able to get into capital University with her own abilities and not be laughed at by those people.

When the sky turned dark, she had no intention of stopping. She turned on the lamp and continued to study.

Therefore, when the door was pushed open, she did not notice it at all.

Jiang Yu stood at the door with his hand on the door frame. He did not enter the room.

There was only one table lamp in the room, which illuminated the woman’s side profile, making her look even more gentle and beautiful. She pursed her lips and tilted her head to one side. Her expression was unusually serious. After a while, she seemed to have figured out the problem. She shook her head happily and mumbled something.

He had been in the Army in his early years, and he had been living alone ever since he left. To him, the Jiang residence was just a place to rest, not a home. However, because of her presence, the house was filled with life and he had expectations.

His gaze subconsciously softened.

At this moment, Jing Tong placed the pen in the middle of the table, then released her hand and pouted her mouth to clamp the pen. When she did this, her eyes never left the book.

Jiang Yu couldn’t help but focus his eyes on her red lips. Just like her eyes, her mouth was round and full, looking both innocent and sexy. He recalled the feeling of sucking her lips last night. His throat moved up and down, and he forced himself to look away.

“Jing Tong.” He finally spoke.

The woman was shocked. She took the pen down and turned to look at him.”Why didn’t you knock?”

“You’re too focused.” The man raised his eyebrows. it’s time for dinner. We can continue watching after dinner.

Jing Tong tried to recall, but she really couldn’t remember if he really knocked on the door just now, so she could only say resentfully, ” “Please come in again after you get my response.”

“Alright,” Jiang Yu said, his expression unchanging.

When it was almost time for dinner, Jiang Yu asked her about her progress. Jing Tong didn’t hold back and asked him all the questions she had.

“Why don’t I go to your room and tutor you again?” the man asked after giving a simple answer.

“No need!” Jing Tong’s face was filled with vigilance. I will never let you step into my room again!

Jiang Yu paused, his dark eyes fixed on her face.

“It was an accident last night.”

what accident? I think you’re clearly up to no good! Jing Tong snorted. don’t think I’ll fall for it!

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