Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1406

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Chapter 1406: Anyway, you have already been internally decided.

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Fortunately, Jiang Yu was obviously very busy these two days. Sometimes, he wouldn’t be back even after she went to bed, so he didn’t bother to cause her trouble.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the exam.


With Jiang Yu’s recommendation, she knew that even if her ranking wasn’t particularly high, she would still have a high chance of being accepted. However, she still wanted to prove herself, so she was nervous early in the morning and didn’t eat much for breakfast.

When she saw Duan Zhe walking in, she decisively put down her half-eaten breakfast, carried the bag she had prepared in the morning, and said to him, ” “Let’s go!”

“Alright,” he said. Duan Zhe smiled. miss Jing, don’t worry. The Head of Department said that as long as you remember the key points he mentioned, the exam will not be a problem.

This sentence miraculously reduced her tension by half. This made her realize that her trust and reliance on this man seemed to be deeper than she had imagined.

She was a little unhappy, so she snorted in disdain.

Duan Zhe laughed awkwardly, thinking that at this rate, he didn’t know when his department head would be able to win the Beauty’s heart.

Duan Zhe walked her to the entrance of the exam center without saying a word.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a very high threshold, so there were only about 20 people taking the exam. The other candidates did not know Jing Tong, and everyone only took a glance at her before lowering their heads.

Jing Tong made an “OK” gesture to Duan Zhe and walked in alone to find his seat and began to make preparations.

The first was a specialized exam, and the questions were quite difficult. Although Jing Tong’s Foundation was good, she wasn’t completely confident. The second was a political exam, and Jiang Yu had really tutored her on a few essay questions. Jing Tong’s confidence instantly increased, and she could be said to be a God at writing. After studying for so many years, this was the first time he had encountered an exam with such confidence. It felt really good.

When the exam was over, Jing Tong let out a long sigh of relief.

She packed her things and was about to leave the examination hall when a few people suddenly walked in.

All the candidates were stunned.

Walking in the middle was a beautiful and sexy woman. They didn’t know each other, but they were very familiar with the big bosses on both sides. The one on the left was the Secretary of the European division, surnamed Zhang. The other was a spokesperson. Both of them often appeared on television. Ordinary people might not be familiar with them, but since they had the intention to enter the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, how could they not know each other? they were instantly excited.

The two of them were very respectful to the woman in the middle, which showed that she was not an ordinary person. Everyone sat up straight.

It was only now that Jing Tong realized something was wrong. She raised her head and her eyes suddenly widened!

The woman in the middle was also looking at her. The moment their eyes met, the woman gave her a charming smile.

“I only heard that you returned to the capital a few days ago and even made an exception to visit the prison. I heard that you signed up for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘examination this time. I didn’t expect you to actually come and take the examination, ” the woman said with a smile. Jiang Yu was too much. Since you’ve already been internally decided, why did he still let you go through this? What a hypocrite.”

Jing Tong’s face turned red,”Tang Ranran!” What nonsense are you spouting? When did I do that?”

When the shocked and bewildered candidates heard the name ‘Tang Ranran’, realization dawned on them.

Her surname was Tang, and even the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was so respectful to her. It was clear that this woman was most likely a family member of the current president, Tang Xu. Judging from her age, Yingying was most likely Tang Xu’s daughter.

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