Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1407

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Chapter 1407: You must get into the top three to have a chance.

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However, Tang Ranran mentioned Jiang Yu again, and there was something about Yingluo being internally decided.

Everyone’s eyes could not help but fall on Jing Tong.


“If it wasn’t for internal determination, you wouldn’t even have the qualifications to take the exam.” Tang Ranran chuckled. you can’t even pass the political Review, right? ”

As she spoke, she looked at Secretary Zhang.

Secretary Zhang gave an awkward smile. Yang Xu and Jiang Yu’s election was in full swing. Although he was Tang Xu’s man on the surface, he didn’t want to offend Jiang Yu. After all, the possibility of Jiang Yu taking over the position was too high. Moreover, Tang Ranran’s claim that it was internally decided would greatly damage the credibility of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Although this lady’s political background is somewhat flawed, as long as she has the recommendation of a Minister or higher, she can still take the exam,” he replied cautiously.

Jing Tong’s originally tensed heart relaxed a little. She knew that Jiang Yu wouldn’t leave too much room for discussion.

She looked at Tang Ranran provocatively.

Tang Ranran chuckled again. so what if I take the exam? Even if she’s ranked last, you still have the nerve to not give Minister Jiang face?”

Secretary Zhang’s face froze.

Tang Ranran, you’re implying that I’ve already been set up. I’m afraid you won’t believe me even if I do well in the exam. Jing Tong sneered, ” since that’s the case, why don’t you bring our papers over and mark them on the spot? ” This time, we’ll be taking in three people. If my score is not in the top three, I’ll automatically give up on the interviews after that.”

Secretary Zhang heaved a sigh of relief,”okay, let’s do that!”

Since it was Jing Tong who had taken the initiative to suggest it, then no matter what the result was, he would have an explanation to Jiang Yu.

Tang Ranran, on the other hand, was a little surprised. She raised her eyebrows and said, ” I didn’t expect you to be so confident. Did ran ran get the questions long ago? ”

“Tang Ranran!” Jing Tong almost exploded. As the saying goes,”if you want to punish someone, you can’t say no.” This woman was simply too hateful!

Luckily, for the sake of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘reputation, Secretary Zhang explained in time,”Miss Tang, you’re overthinking. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘questions are randomly generated from the question library early in the morning and printed out. They don’t even have the chance to see the questions in advance. Even if they did, they wouldn’t have time to prepare the answers.”

Tang Ranran snorted and finally stopped talking.

Jing Tong smiled,”Secretary Zhang, then I’ll have to trouble you to bring people to mark the papers on the spot.” If the other candidates have any objections to the results, I don’t mind showing them my paper.”

Then, she looked at Tang Ranran provocatively, clearing up her last suspicion.

Since she said so, Secretary Zhang would not deliberately go easy on her during the assessment, and to the greatest extent, it ensured the fairness of the examination.

Secretary Zhang nodded in agreement. He called the person in charge of the exam and asked him to send the papers over. When the papers arrived, he asked Tang Ranran to take a break and the few of them started marking the papers together.

The other examinees were already stunned. They never expected that there would be such an unforeseen event during the entrance examination. They never expected that President Tang’s daughter would actually be so domineering.

Jing Tong sat in her seat and waited quietly, but her hands were tightly clenched on the table. Originally, as long as her grades were above average, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would give Jiang Yu face. However, with Tang Ranran’s interference, she had to get into the top three in order to have a chance.

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