Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1408

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Chapter 1408: He was too petty

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Tang Ranran seemed to be looking for trouble with her, but in reality, she was trying to get hold of Jiang Yu’s weakness.

Otherwise, it was just a small entrance exam. Even if she got in, she would only be a translator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Why would Tang Ranran make such a big fuss over it?


She couldn’t get into the top three because she couldn’t get into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, if her score was low, it would prove that Jiang Yu’s recommendation wasn’t objective. Tang Xu would definitely use this as an opportunity to criticize her. After all, Jiang Yu had always given the public an image of fairness and integrity. This kind of news would directly attack his Foundation and the consequences would be unimaginable.

Thinking of this, Jing Tong gritted her teeth in hatred.

Tang Ranran was sitting there, calm and unruffled. When she caught a glimpse of Jing Tong’s nervous face, she burst out laughing.

Hearing this, Jing Tong’s heart burned with anger.

Fortunately, the twenty-odd exam papers were marked very quickly. The results were out after half an hour.

“It’s done,” Secretary Zhang said while sorting out the papers, ” sorry for the long wait, ran ran. Now, let me announce the results.

The examinees all held their breaths in anticipation, and Jing Tong’s heart beat even faster.

the highest total score is 187 points, followed by 185 points, and the third place is 180 points. Secretary Zhang said, ” the second and third place are Xu Yao and Zhou Yongcheng.

Two of the candidates exclaimed in excitement.

Jing Tong’s heart sank. Second and third place did not even have her. Did Tang Ranran really have her way?

Tang Ranran smiled triumphantly. She stood up from her chair and asked, ” “What about miss Jing?”

“I was just about to say it.” Secretary Zhang coughed. the first place goes to miss Jing.

Tang Ranran’s expression changed. Just her? When she was at Capital University, she often failed at the end of the term!”

“That is the truth.” Secretary Zhang said sincerely, ” miss Jing’s professional knowledge is very solid, and she is even more outstanding in politics. Her analysis is very thorough. He was truly a rare talent. If you don’t believe me, you can take a look at these two papers with your own eyes.”

As he spoke, Secretary Zhang took out two sets of papers and handed them to Tang Ranran.

Tang Ranran glanced at it briefly, and her expression changed several times. Finally, she snorted coldly and turned to leave the examination hall. Since she had not achieved her goal, she naturally did not want to stay here any longer.

It was only at this moment that Jing Tong felt a sense of reality-she actually got first place?

This was the first time in his life!

Secretary Zhang also heaved a sigh of relief. Jing Tong’s results had not only cleared Jiang Yu’s name, but also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Of course, he was happy.

“Miss Jing, congratulations. I welcome you to the next interview.”

“I will, thank you.” Jing Tong couldn’t help but reveal a bit of pride.

As she walked out of the building, Duan Zhe, who had been waiting for her in the car, immediately got out to greet her. “Miss Jing, doesn’t the exam end at midnight? Why are you delayed until now?”

it’s nothing. It’s just a small matter. It’s already been resolved. Jing Tong was in a good mood. She smiled and reached out to Pat his firm chest, even touching it. your figure is not bad, Yingluo. Let’s go. Send me back. I’m starving!

Duan Zhe’s face turned pale at this brazen action. “Miss Jing, please don’t be surprised that the Minister is here too. He’s waiting for you in the car,”

Jing Tong subconsciously glanced at the black car not far away-that’s right, Jiang Yu said he would pick her up on the day of her exam. With his status, of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to get out of the car directly, so he said,

She looked at Duan Zhe sympathetically. if your department head wants to take revenge on you, you can’t blame me. He’s too narrow-minded.

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