Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1409

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Chapter 1409: 1409

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Duan Zhe’s face turned even paler.

The culprit had already turned around and walked to the car with a smile. He opened the door of the back seat and sat in it. He greeted the man in the car happily, ” “Sorry to keep you waiting!”


Jiang Yu turned to look at her with a calm expression. No one knew if he had seen her touching Duan Zhe.

“It seems that you did well?” Jiang Yu said in a deep voice.

Jing Tong’s eyebrows danced,”overall first!” You didn’t expect this, right? Hmph Hmph, let’s see who still dares to call me a slacker in the future!”

Before she graduated from college, she had never been serious in her studies. She had been relying on her wits to survive until Jing Zhiyuan’s accident. She only started to work hard when she went abroad to study. Even so, she could barely keep up at the beginning, and her results were not that outstanding when she graduated. Therefore, it was hard for her not to be excited to get such a result.

Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows in surprise, then nodded in approval.”Very good. It’s beyond my expectations that you can rank first.”

Hearing this, Jing Tong was a little embarrassed. She coughed and expressed with great difficulty, ” “Well, I also have to thank you for your guidance. Otherwise, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to get such a high score.”

“No need to be humble. I’m just providing you with some ideas. The specific answer is still your own result.” The man’s tone was calm, and it was easy to believe that he was speaking the truth.

Jing Tong was happy again,”that makes sense.” Jiang Yu, you’re actually fine when you’re not crazy.”

Jiang Yu’s brows furrowed slightly and his expression darkened.

He stretched out his long arm and suddenly wrapped it around the woman’s waist. As the woman gasped in surprise, he pulled her into his arms.

“Crazy? Are you referring to this?” His tone was calm as he stared at her with his dark eyes.

Jing Tong was imprisoned in his arms, and his entire person was not well! She tried to push away the man’s arms around her waist with all her might, but it was to no avail.

“Jiang Yu, we’re outside. Do you not want your reputation? If you don’t let go, do you think I’ll call for help?” She said angrily.

“You can try.” The man simply stretched out his other arm and clasped her two wrists, pressing them against his chest. His tone was still serious as he said, ” don’t you like to touch men? You can touch as much as you want.”

F * ck! When she first got into the car, the man didn’t have any reaction, so she thought he didn’t see it or didn’t mind. Who knew that Yingluo wouldn’t mind?

Jiang Yu was indeed a petty man!

She criticized him in her heart and provoked him without fear, ” “That also depends on who it is! I don’t like to touch every man! Little brother Duan’s figure is much better than yours!”

Duan Zhe, who had just walked to the front seat and was about to get into the car, was so scared that his little heart trembled fiercely, and he retracted his hand.

Jiang Yu’s expression didn’t change, but his eyes darkened.

you’re always wrong about me. The man’s tone was calm and composed. so, I’ll follow my suggestion the other day. I’ll go back to my room and take off my clothes so you can study them all you want. What do you think? ”

Jing Tong’s face turned red, but his heart was full of regret. She was so pleased with herself that she had forgotten how brutal this man was now. She was not afraid of death and provoked him again.

Not only was this man getting better at being a hooligan, but he also used a serious and academic tone every time.’Damn, he’s too shameless!’

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