Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1413

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Chapter 1413: Already aware of his plans

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Sister Chen smiled bitterly. that day, brother Duan packed two suitcases for her, but when she left in the afternoon, she only brought one suitcase. She even called a car in advance. I can’t really stop her from leaving, Yingluo.

Jiang Yu’s expression darkened as he listened.


He pursed his lips tightly, not knowing whether to laugh or to be angry. He couldn’t tell that this woman had such a scheming mind. He had indeed underestimated her.

“Do you know where she moved to?” He suppressed the anger in his heart and asked in a deep voice.

I’ve sent a chauffeur to follow her, but he said that he lost her and miss Jing is on guard. Sister Chen coughed and said, ” luckily, miss Jing is going for an interview tomorrow morning. I’m sure you already know the address.

Jiang Yu suddenly raised an eyebrow,’I’m leaving the capital tomorrow morning. That’s why I came back earlier tonight to meet her. She must have known about my schedule, which is why she chose to take action this afternoon.”

Sister Chen was suddenly speechless.

After spending the past few days with Jing Tong, she actually quite liked this girl with a straightforward personality. To be honest, she felt that Jing Tong and Jiang Yu were quite a match, but she didn’t expect such a carefree girl to actually have such a scheming mind.

“Do you have supper?” Jiang Yu changed the topic.

“There is.” Sister Chen immediately went to the kitchen to prepare.

Jiang Yu first went up to the second floor and came to the guest room where Jing Tong was staying. As expected, everything that belonged to this woman in the room had disappeared without a trace.

Jiang Yu’s heart was filled with an obscure emotion.

He originally thought that this woman still had some good feelings for him, but the facts proved that he might have really been overthinking.


On the other side, Jing Tong was lying in the house she had rented. She had never felt so good.

Jiang Yu must have found out about her moving out by now. Hmph, he must not have thought that she had already seen through his plans.

Although it was great to stay in the Jiang residence, she and Jiang Zhi were not officially married. How could she stay here forever? wouldn’t that give this man a chance to do whatever he wanted to her?

She still had a lot of dignity.

It was a pity that she had a limited budget and could only rent a single room, which was probably only the size of a guest room’s bathroom in the Jiang residence.

But at least he didn’t have to worry about a sudden attack from a certain man.

She had a good night’s sleep. The next day, she left early and took the subway to attend the interview.

The interview went smoothly as well. With Jiang Yu’s recommendation and her first place in the written test, she would be hired even if she didn’t perform well, not to mention that her performance wasn’t bad.

Jing Tong happily walked out of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building with the admission Notice. She was about to go to the subway station, but halfway there, she was blocked by someone.

It was Duan Zhe.

“Miss Jing,” Duan Zhe smiled apologetically. well, where are you going? I’ll give you a ride.”

“No need, I can walk on my own.” Jing Tong wasn’t surprised to see Duan Zhe. She smiled and said, ” brother Duan, I know you’re here on orders to stop me. I won’t make things difficult for you. Go back and tell Jiang Yu that you really can’t stop me from touching you. He won’t blame you for saying that.”

Duan Zhe smiled bitterly.

Unless he didn’t want to live anymore.

miss Jing, it’s not that the Head of Department doesn’t want you to move out. It’s just that you have a special identity and he’s worried about your safety. Duan Zhe tried his best to persuade her. at least let me know where you’re staying so that I can make the necessary arrangements.

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