Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1414

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Chapter 1414: This is a date

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“Forget it.” Jing Tong rejected him immediately. I’m the daughter of a corrupt criminal. Who would be so free as to take my little life?! On the contrary, if other people find out that your head is pursuing me, I might really lose my life.”

Duan Zhe was unable to refute.


but you’ve already stayed at the Jiang residence for so many days. Everyone knows about your relationship with the Minister. There’s no point in trying to deny it now. He could only continue to smile apologetically. please don’t be angry with the Minister.

“You think I’m angry with him?” Jing Tong shook his head and sighed. He reached out and patted his shoulder. young man, you don’t understand.

The corner of Duan Zhe’s mouth twitched.

“Even if I didn’t tell you, you would have found my address sooner or later. I just want your Minister to understand my attitude.” Jing Tong sneered, ” go back and tell him that if he wants to pursue someone, he should show a proper attitude. I don’t have any other good points, but I still have a backbone. I’ll remember all the help he’s given me, and I’ll repay him if I have the chance. But that doesn’t mean he has the right to control me. Let him know that I have nothing to do with him!”

With that, she turned around and left.

Of course, it was impossible for Duan Zhe to stop her. He could only watch Jing Tong’s back as he left.

He thought for a while and turned around to walk into the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since miss Jing has been hired, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have her address.


Jing Tong spent a whole week in peace. She would only start work at the beginning of next month, so she basically stayed at home these days to read documents, and occasionally took on some translation work to make a living.

The place she rented was a very old residential area. Although it didn’t look very good, the staff composition was simple, relatively safe, and the facilities were mature. There was a vegetable market outside the community. Jing Tong went out early every day to buy vegetables, learning from the aunties and uncles to bargain, which was quite interesting.

Although she wasn’t a good cook, she could at least guarantee that the ingredients were fresh when she cooked. It was just that sometimes she couldn’t help but think of the delicious food she had at the Jiang residence, but this didn’t shake her determination.

This morning, she was planning to go to the market. Just as she reached the entrance of the community, she saw a black luxury car out of the corner of her eye.

Her eyelids twitched.

As expected, Duan Zhe got out of the car not long after. He walked up to her and said in a low voice, ” “Miss Jing, are you free today?”

“I’m not free, I still need to buy groceries.” Jing Tong righteously shook the vegetable basket in her hand.

Duan Zhe’s eyes twitched.

This miss Jing really lived a luxurious life and lived an ordinary life. She was a talent.

miss Jing, the Head of Department is at the Military Academy right now, the place where you first met. Zhenzhen said that this is a date and he hopes that you will do him a favor. He will treat you to lunch at your favorite restaurant. He coughed and said, ” the Minister also said that he should have arranged a time with you in advance, but his schedule was too full. This morning’s schedule was temporarily changed to the Military Academy, which happened to be suitable for a date, so he rashly proposed this invitation. He didn’t mean to disrespect you, so he hesitated.

“Those were his original words?” Jing Tong raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“Yes!” Duan Zhe nodded without any guilt.

“It’s rare that he would say such humble words. You’re the one who embellished and beautified him, right?” Jing Tong snorted.

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