Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1415

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Chapter 1415: Seems like I’m going to have a spar with today’s champion.

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“No, I didn’t!” Duan Zhe shook his head like a rattle-drum.

Jing Tong thought for a moment, and finally nodded reluctantly. “Alright, I’ll give you face then. Let’s go.”


Duan Zhe was overjoyed,”great!” Uh, hehe.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a vegetable basket landed in front of him. He could only take it with a bitter face, while Jing Tong had already happily walked to the car, opened the door, and got in.

Duan Zhe had no choice but to walk over and calmly put the vegetable basket in the passenger seat. Based on his understanding of miss Jing, if he really lost this thing, she might come looking for trouble with him.


The military College was rather remote and a little far away, but Duan Zhe drove the car steadily. Jing Tong fell asleep not long after she got into the car, and when she woke up, they had just arrived at their destination.

She stretched her back and got out of the car. Duan Zhe led the way. miss Jing, ” he said. the Head of Department is in the training field.

“What’s he doing in the martial arts practice field?” Jing Tong was a little confused. a military parade? ”

no, the students from the military College are having a PK today. The Head of Department is mainly here to see the standard of these students, ”

Jing Tong nodded in understanding. Jiang Yu came from the Army and was now the Minister of Defense. It was normal for him to be concerned about the standard of military students. Besides, at this critical moment of the election, such behavior was also an indispensable political show. Jiang Yu might even have to change into his camouflage uniform and let the students have a pk match.

Just as Jing Tong was thinking about this, the students ‘cheers and shouts suddenly reached her ears, giving her a fright.

Duan Zhe looked at it with rapt attention and suddenly smiled. it’s the Minister. It seems like he’s going to have a match with today’s champion.

She actually guessed it right?

Jing Tong couldn’t help but look forward to it, but he said, ” “Tsk, tsk, he’s already so old, how can he beat a twenty-year-old young man? Don’t force yourself!”

Jing Tong criticized Jiang Yu in other aspects, and Duan Zhe could only smile awkwardly. But in this aspect, he absolutely could not tolerate it.

“Miss Jing, you’re wrong. When the Minister was in the military College, he had broken all the records that could be broken. He was definitely the most outstanding student in the military College in the past hundred years! Although he has left the Army for a few years, he has never stopped his physical training and quality training. These hotheaded young men may not be able to compare to him!”

His tone was excited and he seemed to be Jiang Yu’s die-hard fan.

“Then let’s see,” Jing Tong snorted.

As they spoke, the two of them had already reached the outer ring of the martial arts practice field. A large group of students in camouflage clothing had formed a large circle.

The two who were still warming up in the middle were Jiang Yu and another young face.

The student was very big. He was wearing a camouflage vest, and the muscles on his arms were bulging. He looked a little scary. At this time, he was obviously a little too excited as he kept walking around.

Jiang Yu, on the other hand, was wearing a long shirt and long pants. Although he was tall and neat, it was inevitable that he was a little worried when compared to the big guy. However, he was obviously not afraid at all. The man’s handsome face was calm and composed, and his short hair glowed with a faint golden color under the sunlight. He looked younger than ever, and it suddenly overlapped with the figure in her memory.

Jing Tong couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, and her heart beat a little faster. She almost suspected that this man did it on purpose, so when she first saw him, it was almost the same scene.

In the blink of an eye, eight years had passed.

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