Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1419

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Chapter 1419: “You’re the one thinking too much.”

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&Nbsp; Jing Tong immediately stretched out his hand. I’ll try it.

Jiang Yu smiled faintly and put the gun in her hand.


Jing Tong narrowed his eyes and made a shooting gesture at Jiang Yu. He even let out a ” Biu ” sound and then smugly blew at the muzzle.

Duan Zhe’s face turned pale. miss Jing, although there are no bullets in this gun, we’re so close. The airflow can hurt people.

“I’m fine. She won’t shoot.” Jiang Yu waved his hand as he spoke, signaling Duan Zhe to leave.

Duan Zhe had no choice but to slowly hide to the side.

Jing Tong glanced at Duan Zhe, whose face was full of worry and grievances, and snorted. He pointed the gun at Jiang Yu again and slowly pulled the trigger. “Who says I can’t shoot?”

Not far away, Duan Zhe scratched his ears and cheeks anxiously, but Jiang Yu’s expression remained the same. He looked at her deeply and suddenly said calmly, ” “I’m more than happy to die in your hands.”

Jing Tong was so scared that he almost pulled the trigger.

“Jiang Yu, you’ve been possessed by a ghost!” Her face was filled with fear.

The man was still calm, as if he didn’t know what kind of shocking words he had just said. He held up her wrist and pointed. don’t relax. Keep your arms steady.

“Jiang Yu!” Jing Tong glared at him.

The man then slowly explained, ” “Didn’t you say that a pursuer should have the attitude of one? It’s said that sweet nothings are only one of the most basic steps. This is my first time in this field, so if there’s anything I’m not used to, please give me your advice.”

Jing Tong’s face turned red. She gritted her teeth and said, ” “No, you’re not suitable to say anything romantic. Don’t say it again!”

When this man said such words in a serious manner, he could really scare people to death!

Jiang Yu’s brows twitched slightly. He suddenly leaned close to her ear and chuckled, ” “I can’t even speak the truth?”

The man’s low and hoarse voice, along with the heat of his breathing and the strong smell of hormones, entered her ears, causing her brain to instantly crash. Jing Tong only felt all the blood in her body rush to her face, and it was so hot that she felt uncomfortable.

you’re teasing Jiang Yu, you’re teasing him. she was angry and embarrassed as she glared at him incoherently. However, the man had already regained his composure. He walked behind her and held her waist with his left hand and her arm with his right.

“The way you’re holding the gun is wrong.” He said in a deep voice, ” hold the gun tightly, but not so hard.

The man was tall, so when he hugged her from behind, his voice just happened to come from the top of her head. But that didn’t mean the flirtatious atmosphere would disappear! The man’s strong arm was locked on her waist, and his left palm was pressed on her lower abdomen. His hard chest was pressed against her back.

“Hey!” Jing Tong suddenly woke up and slapped his left hand away. what do you want to do now? You hooligan!”

Jiang Yu tutted softly, not sure if he was feeling helpless or regretful.

“I’m just trying to help you adjust your posture.” There was no fluctuation in his tone, but Jing Tong could hear a hint of cold mockery. you’re the one who’s thinking too much, that’s why you think that I, Wanwan, am up to no good.

Jing Tong was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

To be honest, this man’s posture was not out of line. Although he was holding her and there was inevitable some physical contact, he did not use any force and his movements were measured.

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