Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1420

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Chapter 1420: As if she is cosplaying a cold female killer

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But Jing Tong just felt uncomfortable all over!

“I don’t like you touching me! Let little brother Duan do it. He should know the most basic shooting posture, right?”


Jing Tong said in a righteous manner.

Jiang Yu couldn’t help but pause.

He lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the spine on the woman’s head. His throat moved. his shooting results are average, far from mine.

“But it’s definitely enough to teach a beginner like me!” Jing Tong bit her lower lip and continued to Pat his arm. you should be more conscious, Hey!

The man pursed his lips and finally let go of her. The woman made a face at him proudly.

Jiang Yu’s eyebrows twitched as he looked into the distance.”Duan Zhe, come here.”

“Department head?” Duan Zhe ran over without a second word.

“Teach her the most basic shooting posture.” Jiang Yu ordered.

“What?” Duan Zhe was dumbfounded. Wasn’t the Head of Department and miss Jing being intimate just now? what was this?

“Brother Duan Zhe, do you think I’m in the right position?” Jing Tong had already excitedly opened her mouth.

She raised her gun and aimed at the target not far away, as if she was cosplaying as a cold female killer.

Duan Zhe coughed and said, ” uh, miss Jing, you can raise your hand a little higher, Yingluo. Right, and keep your shoulders straight. Your left side is a little high, so lower it a little, Yingluo.

Duan Zhe only dared to guide him verbally. As he spoke, he also glanced at his department head from the corner of his eye.

Jiang Yu stood at the side with his hands in his pockets. His thin lips were slightly curled up, and he looked at Jing Tong calmly as she anxiously adjusted her posture, but failed to grasp the main point.

“Hey!” She said in dissatisfaction, ” what’s the use of just saying it? If I don’t do it, how would I know how much lower my left shoulder should be?”

Duan Zhe’s face was bitter as he glanced at his department head.

Jiang Yu turned a blind eye to his pleading eyes, but he didn’t give a definite answer.

He could only sigh and put his hands behind his back. He said honestly, ” “Miss Jing, I dare not.”

Jing Tong angrily glared at him,”too useless!” I don’t need your guidance, I’ll do it myself!”

With that, she put on her headphones with one hand and raised her right hand again, trying hard to recall Jiang Yu’s shooting posture just now. But to be honest, at Jiang Yu’s stage, all the movements had become instinctual. He didn’t need to deliberately adjust to the standard posture like a beginner, so Jing Tong couldn’t figure it out even after trying for a long time. She could only close her eyes and plan to shoot directly.

“Wait!” Jiang Yu suddenly sighed.

hold her, ” he said, looking at Duan Zhe. don’t let her get scared by the recoil.

Duan Zhe only dared to step forward after getting permission. He carefully held her arm from behind.

On the contrary, Jing Tong was stunned. She thought that this man wanted to see her make a fool of herself, but in the end, he was the one who surrendered first, Yingluo.

She was a little proud and couldn’t help but look at him, but her eyes met the man’s dark eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat. Then, she suddenly realized something. The reason why he surrendered was because he was worried about her. He didn’t want her to get hurt because of the wrong posture.

Realizing this, Jing Tong quickly retracted her gaze. She only felt that her face, which had finally cooled down, was now hot again.

Why didn’t she realize that this man could be so considerate before?

While her thoughts were running wild, she subconsciously fired a shot. Jing Tong was a little excited and immediately took off her headphones, waiting for the electronic voice to report her results.

However, it was not an electronic voice, but a man’s cold voice, ” “I missed the target.”

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