Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1422

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Chapter 1422: Acting coquettishly?

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Jing Tong bit her lip hard, her mind in a mess.

To be honest, when Duan Zhe helped her just now, he had also held her shoulder and held her arm, but she did not feel uncomfortable at all.


Because she did not have any romantic feelings for Duan Zhe, and neither did Duan Zhe. At least, he did not dare to have any.

Why was it that now that it was Jiang Yu, she couldn’t help but imagine so much?

At present, this man’s actions did not cross the line in the slightest, so she was too embarrassed to accuse this man of having improper thoughts and plots. She could only secretly despise herself.

“Yueyue, don’t be distracted.” The man’s low and slightly reproachful voice sounded again. you must be careful when you shoot.

“Who said I was distracted?” Jing Tong retorted angrily, then forced herself to focus on the target not far away.


Jing Tong had always had a strong interest in firearms, so it didn’t take long for her to throw all those messy thoughts to the back of her mind and truly immerse herself in shooting.

Jiang Yu was also very patient. He constantly helped her adjust her posture and find the right time to shoot. When Jing Tong first tried to shoot independently, she immediately improved from missing the target to four rings. After practicing for a while, she even managed to hit seven rings on her own.

After hearing the electronic voice, she was so excited that she almost jumped.

“Did you hear that? He’s a seven-ring Soul Master!” She turned around and shook her head at him proudly. when you first started shooting, did you improve so quickly? ”

“What?” The man raised his eyebrows slightly. you got a 10-point score in the first class. Does that count? ”

Jing Tong glared at him and once again raised his gun to aim at the target not far away. “I can do it too!”

Jiang Yu pressed on her arm and stopped her. “It’s getting late, let’s go have lunch first.”

Jing Tong snorted and looked at him provocatively. “Are you afraid that I’ll break your record?”

The woman’s face was still flushed after exercise, making her look full of vitality. Therefore, even though her eyes were proud and provocative, she still looked very cute, even delicious.

Jiang Yu’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he nodded. “Yes. Your talent makes me scared.”

His voice was low and deep, with a hint of a half-genuine smile.

Jing Tong’s face was slightly red. Hey! Do you think I can’t tell that you’re mocking me?!

Jiang Yu couldn’t help but rub her hair. you urged me to tell the truth, so you thought I was a killjoy. I went along with your words to make you happy, but you thought I was being sarcastic.

“That’s also your fault!” Jing Tong angrily pushed his hand away. in any case, you just don’t know how to talk.

Jiang Yu could tell that her tone was different from before.

He stared at her slightly blushing face and suddenly realized that this difference could probably be called ” acting coquettishly “?

Jing Tong, on the other hand, became angry from embarrassment.”Hey!”

“That’s right, I’m not good with words.” Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened. but you’ll still give me a chance, right? ”

Jing Tong felt more and more uncomfortable. She kept feeling that this man’s gaze seemed to have seen through something.

She simply looked away and said,”what chance is there for Yingluo?” Didn’t you say you wanted to treat me to a meal? Let’s go, I’m hungry!”

“Alright,” he said. Jiang Yu nodded and placed the gun aside. He then lifted her hand and helped her remove her gloves.

Jing Tong was already feeling a little uneasy, but when she saw Jiang Yu’s focused expression, her heart inexplicably started to beat faster.

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