Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423: “Sister Jingtong, long time no see.”

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Jing Tong suddenly felt that this scene was a little unreal.

Jiang Yu’s facial features were well-defined. Although he was handsome and eye-catching, he didn’t have the slightest affinity, not to mention his temperament. His noble and cold air could really be felt from hundreds of meters away.


So Jing Tong couldn’t imagine that this man could also be so meticulous and considerate.

Even though this consideration only lasted for a few seconds.

“It’s done,” Jiang Yu put his gloves aside and looked up at her.

Jing Tong returned to his senses and coughed lightly. let’s go.

However, Jiang Yu had already seen the woman’s daze.

In that case, his strategy was correct.

The man made this judgment in his heart. He smiled slightly, took her wrist, and turned to walk out.

Jing Tong lowered his head to take a look. Alright, this time it was his wrist. He didn’t expect him to be so good at grasping the rhythm.

She snorted in her heart.

However, before the two of them reached the door, a few young men in casual clothes suddenly rushed in from outside, but they were blocked by Duan Zhe.

“Oh, isn’t this Xiao Duan?” The man in the middle with his coat open said lazily, ” why? is Jiang Yu here? ”

“Yingluo is.” Duan Zhe said stiffly, ” so, please don’t continue to walk in.

tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. the man’s voice sounded more oppressive. didn’t Jiang Yu come to the Military Academy today to get along with the students? why is he putting on the airs of a superior now? ” Besides, we’re old friends with him. He must be very welcoming of us, don’t you think so?”

At the end of his sentence, the man smiled, but his tone was unspeakably cold.

Duan Zhe was speechless and could only clench his fists.

The man sneered and raised his eyes. Jiang Yu and Jing Tong happened to walk into his line of sight.

His pupils contracted slightly.

Jiang Yu looked at him and said indifferently, ” I remember you’re from the government department next door. Why aren’t you in class today? ”

I heard that Minister Jiang is here. I should come over to say hello. The man slowly smiled and licked his molars with the tip of his tongue. His eyes fell on Jing Tong. Oh, so you have an appointment, director Jiang? ” This beauty looks a little familiar?”

“Xu Moyan, don’t speak in such a weird tone.” Jing Tong coldly glanced at him.

Xu Moyan, the youngest son of the Xu family in the capital, was Tang Xu’s nephew and Tang Ranran’s cousin. When Jingtong was doing well in the capital, Xu Moyan was still locked up at home by his father to study. However, as her generation of nouveau riches retired for various reasons, Xu Moyan took up the flag of the new generation of nouveau riches.

The Xu family was very loyal to Tang Xu, so they naturally didn’t have anything good to say to Jiang Yu.

“Sister Jing Tong, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” Xu Moyan immediately put away his frivolous expression and said in a respectful and intimate tone, ” when did you come back? why didn’t you tell me? ” My brother has always been thinking about you. After all, you two were so good friends back then.”

“He’s busy right now. How could I dare to disturb him?” Jing Tong gave a fake laugh.

With her relationship with the Xu family’s eldest young master, it would be good if she didn’t deliberately hide.

my brother can’t be as busy as a presidential candidate, Qianqian. Xu Moyan glanced at Jiang Yu maliciously. don’t tell me you still haven’t given up on him after so many years? ” Sister Jing Tong, don’t you know how uncle Jing got into trouble?”

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