Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1424

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Chapter 1424: 1434

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“None of your business.” Jing Tong’s face darkened.

“Sister Jing Tong’s temper is still so bad. I heard from my cousin that you’ve been accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Congratulations. You don’t need to worry. Anyone here can protect you.” He smiled and the corners of his mouth twitched.


Jing Tong’s face turned red. Even though she had expected that she would be mocked and ridiculed when she reunited with her old acquaintance, she was still infuriated when she was actually faced with it. She clenched her fists and was about to retort when Jiang Yu suddenly wrapped his arm around her waist. It was not a heavy gesture, but it perfectly showed their relationship.

“With me here, I won’t trouble you,” he said calmly.

Xu Moyan sneered. Jing zhinyuan has already stepped down from the stage. Why do you like this woman? ”

Jiang Yu didn’t answer and only looked at him indifferently. However, that one look was enough to anger Xu Moyan-it was as if he was just an insensible kid in Jiang Yu’s eyes. Therefore, Jiang Yu didn’t even have the time to argue with him.

Seeing Xu Moyan’s change in expression, Jiang Yu smiled faintly. “Since you’re here to say hello, you can leave now that you’ve said hello.”

“Who said we’re done? There are so many people here. Minister Jiang, you don’t know them, do you?” Xu Moyan immediately called out to his scoundrel friends. quick, hurry up and say hello to our Minister Jiang. Maybe our Minister Jiang will be the next president.

The group of young masters introduced themselves one after another with a smile. Most of their fathers were senior officials in the political world. Jiang Yu didn’t know them, but he knew their parents.

Therefore, he just listened in silence and glanced at them with his dark eyes. Some people couldn’t stand Jiang Yu’s aura and lowered their voices unconsciously.

After the self-introduction ended, Jiang Yu smiled mysteriously. “Very good, I’ve remembered it all.”

His words made many people’s hearts sink-they were willing to give Xu Moyan face at school, but was there a need to provoke Jiang Yu? If Jiang Yu took his anger out on their fathers because of this, wouldn’t the losses outweigh the gains?

“Minister Jiang, we won’t disturb you any longer,” someone said with a smile.

“Wait,” Xu Moyan didn’t want to let them off so easily. He sneered. was commander Jiang and sister Jingtong playing shooting just now? It’s rare for us to meet, why don’t we have a spar?”

Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows. Just as he was about to speak, the woman next to him suddenly grabbed his arm.

“You’re not allowed to agree.” Jing Tong looked at him and pretended to be angry. I’m about to starve to death. You said you would take me to eat good food.

Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened and his lips curled into a smile. “Alright. I don’t dare to let you go hungry.” Then he looked at Xu Moyan and the others and rejected them indifferently. sorry, I don’t have time today.

If he had refused, Xu Moyan would have said something strange to him, but Jing Tong’s refusal was logical, and this reason was enough to shut their mouths.

Unfortunately, Xu Moyan was famous for being a Rascal. He sneered. I wonder what the public would think if they found out that Minister Jiang was having an affair with the daughter of a corrupt criminal.

Jing Tong was furious,”Xu Moyan, you Chenchen!”

At this moment, Jiang Yu patted her shoulder comfortingly, calming Jing Tong down in time. She bit her lip hard and didn’t say a word.

“So what?” Both Jiang Yu’s tone and expression were very calm, so calm that there was a trace of impatience. It was as if this was a trivial matter not worth mentioning, so he didn’t even want to respond.

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