Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1425

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Chapter 1425: Holding the wedding and the inauguration speech together

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“What? you really don’t care?” Xu Moyan was a little surprised.

“You can try,” Jiang Yu said, looking at him meaningfully.


“You think I don’t dare to?” Xu Moyan sneered.

Until now, they still couldn’t find anything against Jiang Yu because there was nothing to criticize about his private life. He had also cleaned up all the other scandals and Tang Xu and the others couldn’t do anything about it.

Even though this piece of news wasn’t exactly bad news, it was better than nothing. At least, it could wake up some fangirls who were planning to vote for Jiang Yu because of his looks.

As soon as Jing Tong returned to Beijing with Jiang Yu, Tang Xu’s team received the news, but they didn’t do anything. They wanted to reveal more explosive evidence later.

She just didn’t expect Jiang Yu to not care at all. Could it be that he still had some tricks up his sleeve?

After all, Xu Moyan’s cultivation was still shallow, and the expression on his face almost revealed all his thoughts.

Therefore, Jiang Yu smiled and said,’please report this good news to Minister Xu. Maybe my wedding can be held together with my inauguration speech.”

Although Jing Tong appeared to be very well-behaved, at this moment, she was already crazily ridiculing him in her heart. This man really did not even blink when he talked big! Where did he get his confidence from?

“In your dreams!” Xu Moyan was even more furious.

Jiang Yu wasn’t an arrogant and despotic person, but that was because his arrogance was engraved in his bones. His matter-of-fact tone was enough to make Xu Moyan, the son of an official who wasn’t mature enough, vomit blood.

“Farewell.” Jiang Yu, of course, didn’t care about his anger. He walked over with Jing Tong in his arms, and the crowd blocking the door unconsciously made way for the two.

Xu Moyan’s eyes were red with anger, but he couldn’t do anything. No matter how impulsive he was, he still had the most basic rationality.

However, at this moment, Jing Tong stopped.

She looked at a man in uniform on her left and said in disbelief, ” “Ran ran, Qin Chen?”

Jiang Yu frowned slightly and followed her gaze, only to see an embarrassed young man.

“Xuanji Jingtong.” The man said and squeezed out a smile. long time no see.

Jing Tong also chuckled, his tone somewhat emotional.”Indeed, long time no see.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened. He remembered this man. He used to hang out with Jing Tong, and the two of them must have had a good relationship. However, when these people were introducing themselves, Qin Chen did not step out and kept hiding in the crowd.

Soon, Jiang Yu found out why the man was hiding in the crowd.

I’m sorry I didn’t answer your call back then. I wanted to help you, but my dad ran ran, ” Qin Chen explained anxiously.

“You don’t have to say anything, I understand.” Jing Tong smiled courteously. I’m fine now. You see, who would have thought that when I’m down and out, this man would suddenly love me so much that he can’t stop himself.”

As he spoke, Jing Tong patted Jiang Yu’s shoulder in a carefree manner.

Jiang Yu lowered his eyes to look at her, but he could see the sadness and grievance behind her smile.

His heart ached slightly, and the smile on his face became more doting. “Your friend? Do you want to have lunch together?”

“No, no, I won’t disturb you.” Qin Chen’s expression turned even uglier. His gaze unconsciously fell on Jiang Yu’s arm that was holding Jing Tong. His tone could be said to have lost his soul. it’s good that you’re doing well.

Jing Tong paused and suddenly turned around, revealing a big smile. “Xu Moyan, didn’t you just say you wanted to spar? How do we spar?”

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