Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1428

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Chapter 1428: It’s actually a 10-point ring!

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Jing Tong was originally a little nervous, but when she heard this, her eyes immediately widened.”Don’t worry!”

Jiang Yu laughed and ruffled her hair.”Go on.”


Jing Tong walked over and stood still. She heard Qin Chen’s careful voice. “Jing Tong, do you want to fire the first shot?”

Jing Tong directly answered the question with his actions-he raised his gun and aimed at the target.

Qin Chen naturally wouldn’t snatch it from her.

Jing Tong’s expression was a little fierce. She kept recalling the essentials that Jiang Yu had just told her, and in the process, she kept forcing herself to calm down.

At the same time, many thoughts flashed through her mind. For example, when she was in the capital, she used her identity to act arrogantly and unscrupulously. For example, after her father’s accident, she suffered all kinds of cold gazes and the fickleness of human nature. These emotions continued to ferment in her heart, and they continued to ferment, almost making everything in front of her gradually fade.

She finally pulled the trigger.

Her score was eight-ring.

There was a small commotion behind her, especially Xu Moyan, whose smile was calm and relaxed. This result might not be considered bad, but he believed that Qin Chen would not feel the slightest bit of pressure.

He even looked at Jiang Yu with a smug look, but Jiang Yu was looking in Jing Tong’s direction with a gratified smile.

No one knew that this was Jing Tong’s best result so far. And she had only been practicing for less than two hours.

Next, it was Qin Chen’s turn. For some reason, there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. He even had to take a deep breath to relieve this pressure.

Xu Moyan frowned a little unhappily. Soon, Qin Chen gave him a score of nine.

To be honest, this result was not bad. But to Qin Chen, it was definitely a small mistake. Fortunately, their opponent was only an eight-ring Soul Master, so they still had a good chance of winning.

As he thought of this, Xu Moyan glanced at Jing Tong.

Jing Tong raised his gun for the second time. This time, her aiming time was much shorter, and she got a nine-ring score.

“Alright!” Jiang Yu couldn’t help but praise.

Under such immense pressure, not only did the woman not retreat, but she also made a breakthrough with every shot. After all, for a beginner, going from the fourth ring to the seventh ring was easy. However, going from the seventh ring to the eighth ring, and from the eighth ring to the ninth ring, the difficulty would increase exponentially.

Jiang Yu’s satisfaction wasn’t an act, which made Xu Moyan even more frustrated.

It’s just a nine-ring Soul Master. What’s there to praise? Although Qin Chen had made a mistake, with his abilities, he could not make a second mistake!

Just as he was thinking about this, Qin Chen’s second shooting results came out.

Nine rings, another nine rings!

This meant that they were only leading by one point!

“What’s going on?” In his rage, he couldn’t help but berate her.

It was unknown if Qin Chen heard Xu Moyan’s voice. He put down his right hand and lowered his head, looking as if he couldn’t bear the burden.

Jing Tong raised his gun for the third time.

This time, she took longer than ever to aim. Just as Xu Moyan was about to lose his patience, she finally fired the last shot.

Ten points!

It was actually a 10-point ring!

Everyone was a little surprised, but what they were surprised about was not the number of rounds, but Jing Tong’s results getting better and better under the pressure.

Jiang Yu chuckled, which made Xu Moyan anxious. He could only comfort himself that even if Qin Chen only got nine rings, at least they didn’t lose, ran ran.

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