Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 173

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Chapter 173: You’re Not Waiting For Me, I’m Waiting For You

However, that didn’t mean he should be manipulated and used by her. No matter what reason he used to reject her, it was his freedom.

Besides, that man had always treated her very well, yet all she wanted was to achieve her goal.

The more Ye Shengge thought about it, the more guilty she felt.

“You’ll still be like this if I don’t touch you.” Ji Shiting didn’t believe her words at all.

“No! I won’t do that!” Ye Shengge swore. “Just trust me once. I’ll wait for you patiently.”

Ji Shiting looked at her and said, “You’re not waiting for me, I’m waiting for you.”

“Huh?” Ye Shengge was dazed.

The man didn’t explain. He pinched her cheeks and said, “Do you really need to be satisfied?”

Ye Shengge hesitated and nodded, blushing.

Ji Shiting snorted, put his hand into her hair, combed it a bit, and kissed her lips.

Ye Shengge was dazed. She thought he wouldn’t touch her after seeing through her scheme.

He kissed her very hard, but it was very slow, as if he was using all his patience, grinding and sucking, forcing her emotions to follow him.

Tears welled up in Ye Shengge’s eyes as she breathed more heavily, and her face turned red.

She was still holding him tightly with her hands. Even though she was mesmerized by his kiss, she was still sober, which made her panic.

Ji Shiting’s reaction was completely beyond her expectations.

“Honey…” she mumbled.

Ji Shiting grunted and let go of her lips. He took two deep breaths and moved his hand around her chest, removing her pajamas and revealing her body under the light.

The man’s eyes were dark, but he still looked calm, and even his breathing was still steady under his control.

Just then, Ye Shengge felt the man’s finger enter her body. She gasped and clenched her fist.

The man breathed heavily.


After that, Ye Shengge took a long time to come back to reality. The man wiped his hands with a tissue and helped her button up her clothes. His fingers were still shaking, probably because he was trying to control himself. Even through the pajamas, he could still feel her skin.

“Are you satisfied?” His hoarse voice rang beside her ears.

Ye Shengge opened her eyes, and seeing his calm face and the desire in her eyes, she suddenly felt sour.

“Do you need it? I… I’ll help you…” she said.

“Answer me,” he repeated.

Ye Shengge nodded.

“Good.” He smiled, turned off the light, laid down beside her, and pulled her into his embrace. “Let’s sleep.”

Ye Shengge leaned against his chest and said, “Don’t… Don’t you need it? I can help you.”

She could see the man’s Adam’s apple moving in the darkness.

“What do you mean? Returning the favor?” His voice was still hoarse as he whispered into her ears.

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