Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: Summer Wood’s Admirer

“Your sugar daddy doesn’t seem to be a bad guy!” Shang Tianyi was curious. “Xu Xiangjie is a prominent figure in the circle, and ordinary rich people wouldn’t be able to make him bend over that easily.

“He’s not bad.” Ye Shengge was humble, but Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.

There was a commotion outside the set just before work ended.

A staff member ran in and said, “What a huge bouquet of flowers! There’s jewelry on it! I wonder which rich second-generation heir is giving it to our actresses!”

The words ‘flower’, ‘jewelry’ and ‘rich’ meant gossip.

It was the end of the day’s shoot, and everyone was packing up, so they all looked to the entrance of the set with interest.

Moments later, a handsome young man in a suit walked in and asked, “Where is Ms. Mu Xiaoya?”

“There!” Someone pointed to Mu Xiaoya’s dressing room.

The handsome guy thanked her and walked over with the bouquet.

Mu Xiaoya was changing her costume in the makeup room, and she was in a bad mood after the incident with Ye Shengge’s makeup room.

Assistant Xiao Qi rushed in and said, “Sister Xiaoya, a rich second-generation heir is here to deliver flowers to you. There are also jewels on the bouquet. It looks like it’s from Cartier!”

Mu Xiaoya raised an eyebrow, “Which rich second-generation heir?”

“I don’t know… But since Director Xu allowed him to come onto the set, he must be someone important!” Xiao Qi said.

Just then, the handsome guy walked in with a bouquet.

“Ms. Mu Xiaoya.” He handed her the bouquet, bent down, and smiled. “I’ve brought you this bouquet and this necklace on behalf of our young master. I hope you’ll accept it.”

Mu Xiaoya blushed. She had been pursued before, but it was the first time she had pursued someone so openly, and she was satisfied with how generous the person was.

She smiled and took the bouquet. “Who’s your Young Master?”

“There’s a card in there. You’ll know after you read it, Ms. Mu.” The handsome guy then left.

Both her assistant and makeup artist blushed. Mu Xiaoya put the bouquet on the desk and found a delicate card.

She opened it and saw that it said, “Who’s irreplaceable and who’s dreaming?”

It was the lyrics of “Love”.

Mu Xiaoya’s face turned pale. So it was a Summer Wood admirer.

She pulled a long face and threw the card to the ground. “Throw the flowers out!”

Xiao Qi didn’t know why, but she said, “Sister Xiaoya, the flowers are still fresh, and this necklace… It’s a classic from Cartier. It’s worth hundreds of thousands!”

The makeup artist picked up the card and yelled, “Xiaoya, it’s ‘Xiao’. Do you know what that means?”

Mu Xiaoya’s face softened slightly upon hearing the word ‘Xiao’.

“The Xiao family?” she couldn’t help asking.

“How many other Xiao families can there be in Yang City! It’s said that Xiao’s family first rose from the underworld, and they’re well-connected in both the underworld and the underworld. They’re second only to T.S Corporation’s Ji family in Yang City!” The makeup artist was thrilled. “There’s only one young master in the Xiao family, and his name is Xiao Ruilang. I heard that he’s young, handsome, and gentle. Xiaoya, you don’t need to worry about him anymore if he’s interested in you!”

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