Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: The Look of Being In Love

“I think Summer Wood might have been the one who reposted it!” Lin Qi sighed. “Poor Summer Wood. Someone pretended to be her, and her account was hacked. Now that she finally got her account back, she’s been mistaken for a thief. How infuriating!”

“That’s right. It’s infuriating,” Ye Shengge said. She was still dreaming that Ji Shiting already knew the truth, and she even thought that the man would call her and ask why she was hiding it from him.

The more she thought about it, the happier she felt.

Lin Qi blinked and asked, “Are you in love, Sister Shengge?”

“What?” Ye Shengge was shocked. “In love? Don’t spout nonsense!”

“Look at you. You’re smiling so sweetly. You look like you’re in love.” Lin Qi rolled her eyes and asked, “Have you fallen for your sugar daddy? But … Didn’t you say he has a family? Someone with a family. I think it’s best if you don’t have any ideas about him, otherwise you’ll suffer …”

Lin Qi stood firmly on Ye Shengge’s side, so she didn’t think there was anything wrong with Ye Shengge having a sugar daddy. However, if Ye Shengge really fell in love, Lin Qi was afraid that she would get hurt.

However, what made Ye Shengge panic were the words ‘smiling sweetly’,’in love ‘and ‘fallen for your sugar daddy ‘.

“No, of course not,” she retorted. “I just saw a couple of funny Weibo posts.”

Lin Qi nodded.

However, Ye Shengge couldn’t calm herself down.

Love… Now that she thought about it, she kind of felt that way.

She immediately threw her phone away and said, “Go back and rest. I’m going to take a shower.”

Ye Shengge lay on the bed after showering, holding her phone as she recalled what Lin Qi had said.

Logically speaking, she should’ve called Ji Shiting, but… Ye Shengge suddenly flinched.

She couldn’t control herself before this man. Her emotions were fluctuating because of his emotions, and her mood was affected by his every move. Just the fact he also liked Summer Wood made her so excited.

This wasn’t a good sign.

Ye Shengge rubbed her face. It was getting late, so she decided to call him.

After ten seconds, the call connected. Finally, the man’s deep voice spoke, “Shengge?”

“It’s me.” Ye Shengge suddenly felt nervous. “I … I’m calling you.”

Ji Shiting paused for a second and smiled, “Seems like you’re treating this as a mission, huh?”

“No, no.” Ye Shengge buried her head in the pillow, regretting her slip of the tongue.

“Really? Then tell me, why did you call me?”

Said the deep, hoarse voice through the phone.

“Because …” Ye Shengge was tongue-tied.

He had been the one requesting her to call him voluntarily!

However, that wasn’t the answer Ji Shiting wanted.

On the other side, Ji Shiting was listening to the woman’s irregular breathing as his lips curled.

He relaxed and leaned against the chair. “I’m listening.”

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