Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: You Will Repay Everything You Owe Me A Million Times

“You …” Mu Xiaoya’s face paled. She was both shocked and furious as her entire body shuddered. She still had lingering fears about the consequences of that previous video. What would happen if the full version was released?

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Get lost.”

She then returned to her makeup room.

Although Mu Xiaoya was furious, she was still afraid of that video, and could only stare at Ye Shengge’s back as she walked off.

In the afternoon, the two of them had a scene together.

For some reason, Mu Xiaoya was back to her state of being unable to act. She couldn’t get into character when facing Ye Shengge. And her expression would be filled with rage and fear no matter what lines she was supposed to say.

“Cut!” Even though Xu Xiangjie had relaxed his standards for her, he couldn’t take it anymore. He suppressed his anger and said, “Rest for ten minutes. Xiaoya, adjust yourself.”

Mu Xiaoya was livid. She glared at Ye Shengge and said, “You did it on purpose!”

If it weren’t for Ye Shengge’s threat, she wouldn’t have been unable to concentrate on the show.

“You asked for it.” Ye Shengge saw the hatred in her eyes and smiled. “Mu Xiaoya, you viewed me as your enemy not just because I’m Mu Yanhuai’s fiancée in name, but also because I’m more talented than you. Are you upset every time I’m filming with you?”

“You, more talented than me? …Pfft!” Mu Xiaoya looked like someone had stomped on her foot and she was itching to duke it out with that person.

“Seems like it.” Ye Shengge smiled and shook her head. “After all, you know very well that you wouldn’t be who you are today without me. You’re afraid, you’re afraid to death. You’re afraid that my existence will completely terminate your position. So you are still trying to crush me even if I didn’t do anything to let you down. You want to eliminate me as soon as possible. Mmm… It looks like I really pose a great threat to you.”

“Shut up! Shut up!” Mu Xiaoya was about to go crazy. “Who do you think you are? Besides, you only have this one show with a birthmark. How far do you think you can go?”

“But even so, you’re still afraid. What would you do if I didn’t have this birthmark?” Ye Shengge smiled. “Mu Xiaoya, you’re destined to suffer a backlash when you’re not good enough for fame. You’ll pay me back hundreds of times what you owe me.”

Ye Shengge then turned around and returned to the rest area, while Mu Xiaoya’s face was pale, and she was shaking.

Mu Xiaoya’s condition worsened after Ye Shengge’s provocation. After NGs several times, Xu Xiangjie realized something was wrong, so he had to postpone the scene.

Mu Xiaoya couldn’t have looked more upset. She pushed aside Xiao Qi, who had handed her water, and returned to her makeup room.

Ye Shengge watched Mu Xiaoya leave, before continuing to memorize her own lines.

Qin Youhui walked over and asked, “What did you say to her that make this angry?”

“No, she’s the one who came looking for trouble.” Ye Shengge answered unperturbedly.

Having been in the cast together for so many days, everyone could tell that there was some beef between Ye Shengge and Mu Xiaoyao. However, Qin Youhui was obviously on Ye Shengge’s side.

He rolled up the script and tapped Ye Shengge’s head, saying, “You’re just relying on the fact that Director Xu can’t do anything to you.”

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