Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 199

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Chapter 199: Impulse

Ye Shengge’s scalp numbed and her body went limp. Fortunately, the man was holding her waist tightly, so she could still stand. She bit her lips as if she was afraid someone would hear her ears turning red.

However, her breathing quickened, and her deep breaths sounded seductive.

Ji Shiting’s eyes turned bloodshot. He clenched his fist as if he was trying to suck her into his body. He kept kissing her shoulders and neck, occasionally nibbling on them. The pain made the woman look up, frown, and pinch his hard arms.

The room was dim, and the shadows of the two of them hugging each other could be seen through the curtain behind them.

At this moment, Ji Shiting suddenly raised his left hand and grabbed her chin, forcing her to turn around and kiss her lips. He crushed her lips and moved in, swallowing her tongue and teeth.

“Um… ah!” Ye Shengge’s eyes turned misty. She tried to push his arm, but the man grabbed it, forcing her to accept his kiss.

His breath was so hot that it made her panic. Ye Shengge thought she was used to this man’s intimacy, but now, the kiss was unusually overbearing and aggressive. The burning temperature made the kiss unfamiliar. He was still the Ji Shiting she was familiar with, but something seemed different.

Ye Shengge’s heart pounded fast. She was completely under his control and couldn’t struggle at all. She couldn’t help feeling panicked.

Ji Shiting suddenly let go of her lips. His Adam’s apple bounced continuously, and he was panting.

The man pressed his face against hers and breathed on her face, making Ye Shengge’s blushing face burn even more.

She panted, “Shiting, you…”

However, her voice was hoarse, which shocked her.

“Mm,” the man answered and kissed her cheek. “Go help me turn the shower on.”

Ye Shengge blinked, looking confused.

“Then… what next?” she asked.

“Sleep.” The man’s eyes dimmed. “What else did you expect?”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “Um… I’ll go fill the bathtub for you. Come in in a few minutes.”

She then walked out of the bedroom, tightening her nightdress.

Ji Shiting was still staring at her. He saw that the marks on her shoulders were covered by her clothes, and his Adam’s apple moved, and his eyes turned red.

Ye Shengge rushed to the bathroom, turned on the tap and allowed the bathtub to fill with hot water.

The sound of water made her take a deep breath. She sat on the stool beside her and covered her burning face, looking dazed.

She had thought Ji Shiting wanted it, but it seemed that he was just kissing her on a whim.

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