Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: The First Blue Diamond

The makeup artist was pointing at Ye Shengge’s neck.

Ye Shengge was holding the diamond pendant in her hand, and she stuffed it into her chest upon hearing the shriek.

Regardless whether the necklace was ordinary or precious, it was still the first gift Ji Shiting had given her and Ye Shengge didn’t want others to judge it.

However, Mu Xiaoya wouldn’t let it go. She smiled at the makeup artist and said, “What’s wrong with that necklace, Sister Xue?”

“Is that the legendary ‘Premier Blue’? It’s a round-cut blue diamond. I remember there’s only one in the world, so it’s called the first blue diamond. It’s a perfect blue diamond as well… This diamond was auctioned a couple of years ago, and its winning bid was as high as twenty million euros…” The makeup artist called Sister Xue was obviously very interested in jewelry, so she knew it all too well.

However, Mu Xiaoya’s face turned darker the moment she said all this.

“Shut up!” She yelled. “How could she be wearing that sort of diamond?”

“But I saw it just now. It really has a circular cutting. Circular cutting requires lots of resources. Normally, it wouldn’t be used on the most precious blue diamond. There’s only one…” Sister Xue couldn’t help saying.

“That’s because you’re inexperienced!” Mu Xiaoya interrupted her, but all trace of her smugness was gone. She gritted her teeth and glared at Ye Shengge.

However, Ye Shengge was as shocked as Mu Xiaoya. She couldn’t help taking out the pendant again and scrutinizing it under the sunlight. The pendant was silver, and in the middle was a perfectly-shaped blue diamond. It reflected the sunlight, and everyone present could see it clearly.

Sensing that everyone was staring at the pendant in her hand, she put it back and smiled at Mu Xiaoya. “Are you really going to give me a better one? Better than the one I’m wearing now?”

Mu Xiaoya was shaking with rage.

Now that everyone had seen the diamond, they probably all agreed with Sister Xue’s view. Even Mu Xiaoya couldn’t deny it.

Her most precious jewelry was the pink diamond that Xiao Ruilang had given her. Although it was also expensive, it couldn’t be compared to the legendary first blue diamond.

Mu Xiaoya had wanted to humiliate that woman, but she hadn’t expected to be disgusted with the outcome. At the same time, she was a bit surprised. Xiao Ruilang was one of the richest families in Yang City, and he could only give her a pink diamond worth hundreds of millions.

Who was Ye Shengge’s sugar daddy? He was richer and more powerful than the Xiao family… Was it the Ji family?

How was that possible?

Perhaps Ye Shengge was wearing a fake piece!

She wanted to retort, but Ye Shengge was already smiling.

“I reckon you can only get a pink diamond, but never mind, pink diamonds are too tacky. You should keep it for yourself.” Ye Shengge smiled. “I know that you wish to thank me for helping you learn your roles in the past three years but there’s no need to stand on ceremony. The best reward I can have is if you are able to act well.”

She then brushed past Mu Xiaoya.

However, what she said shocked everyone.

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