Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 214

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Chapter 214: Women Mustn’t Be Spoiled

Qiao Yanze stood up and said, “I need to use the bathroom.”

Watching Qiao Yanze walk away, Yu Shuhang turned to Ji Shiting. “Aren’t you being too ruthless?”

“He will always be this if he doesn’t swallow a bitter pill.” Ji Shiting puffed out a smoke ring. “Li Yinian refused to meet him again ever since they broke up. Perhaps he’ll have a chance to get an answer at the wedding.”

“Li Yinian is so ruthless. She broke up without any warning when they were in love, and didn’t even give any explanation,” Yu Shuhang said. He suddenly thought of something and smiled bitterly. “Why are all these women so f*cking heartless?”

Ji Shiting’s eyes dimmed and his handsome face turned cold. He didn’t notice that the cigarette between his fingers was about to burn out.

It wasn’t because she was heartless, but rather, she didn’t have a heart.

It was almost midnight, and Ye Shengge would’ve called him by now, but there was no response today.

It was as if she was trying to show him her determination.

The man’s face stiffened.

“How’s the one in your home?” Yu Shuhang couldn’t help asking when noticed Ji Shiting’s expression.

Ji Shiting sneered, “Very good.”

Yu Shuhang coughed and stopped asking. At this moment, Qiao Yanze returned.

He seemed to have calmed down, and he was smiling.

“Are you done crying?” Yu Shuhang raised an eyebrow.

“Shut up.” Qiao Yanze pointed at him and snorted, before turning to Ji Shiting. “Xiao Ruilang has been very active recently. Xiao Cheng had to give some of the Xiao family’s business and manpower to Xiao Ruilang in order to marry Li Yinian. He used to be very cautious of his son.”

“It’s no wonder Xiao Ruilang has been chasing after celebrities lately.” Yu Shuhang stroked his chin. “You have a competitor, Yanze. Xiao Ruilang is very generous. If you two like the same female star, I reckon you won’t be able to beat him.”

“My taste isn’t as bad as his.” Qiao Yanze smiled disdainfully.

Taste? Strictly speaking, Xiao Ruilang’s taste wasn’t bad.

Ji Shiting’s face turned cold at the thought of the person Xiao Ruilang really wanted.

He stubbed out the cigarette and said, “He’s been up to many tricks lately but Xiao Cheng isn’t dead yet so he won’t be able to do anything for now. If Xiao Cheng is healthy and Li Yinian gives him another child, Xiao Ruilang will probably be crippled.”

Qiao Yanze finally calmed himself down, but he was agitated once more when he heard the words’ Li Yinian give him another child ‘.

“Give birth my *ss!” He couldn’t help cursing. “You’re already so old, yet you still want to have a child? Stop dreaming!”

Yu Shuhang patted his shoulder sympathetically.

Ji Shiting analyzed things calmly, “Li Yinian’s marriage is irreversible. If you really loved her, you’d better wish she bears a child as soon as possible. Otherwise, she won’t be able to compete with Xiao Ruilang if Xiao Cheng passes.”

Qiao Yanze sneered, “Why are you even asking me to give my blessings to such a cold-blooded woman?”

Yu Shuhang couldn’t help sighing, “Why are all these women so heartless?”

Qiao Yanze’s handsome face was terrifyingly dark. He tugged at his collar, gritted his teeth and said, “It’s all because I’ve spoiled her. Damn it! Women mustn’t be spoiled!”

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