Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: Why Are You Here Again?

“You’re awake?” The man’s deep voice was laced with sarcasm.

Ye Shengge’s eyelashes fluttered, and she opened her eyes again, thinking herself to be dreaming.

“Ji Shiting?” She said.

The man sneered and she felt his hand on her butt, which made her sober up.

“Wait!” She put her hands on his chest and stammered, “Why are you here again?”


Ji Shiting’s face turned colder upon hearing that word, but his eyes were filled with anger and desire.

His body sank!

Ye Shengge’s pupils dilated, and she couldn’t even breathe.

The woman’s body was obviously not ready yet, so she instinctively rejected him.

Ji Shiting swallowed hard.

All his muscles tensed up, and he tried to take a step further. The woman whimpered and grabbed his arm, her pale face etched with pain.

Ji Shiting took a deep breath and put his hand on her belly. His calloused fingers moved down, and the effect was immediate. Ye Shengge immediately groaned and relaxed her stiff body.

Her eyelashes fluttered, and she explained, “I didn’t… I fell asleep. I didn’t mean to not call you…”

The woman’s soft voice made him burn up even more. Ji Shiting chuckled and pulled her closer to him, looking down at her.

“Really?” He chuckled, and his hoarse voice made Ye Shengge’s scalp numb.

“Yes… ” She stammered. “Please… Please don’t be mad… ”

“So you didn’t turn off your phone on purpose?” He said gently.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

She would be insulting that man’s intelligence if she said yes.

Ye Shengge wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

This round of sex was very draining. Ye Shengge had never been more proactive than she was before, probably because she was driven to her limits by fear. She kept kissing his lips and chin, and she even bit his Adam’s apple from time to time, determined to let him vent his anger.

Ji Shiting couldn’t take it anymore, and he almost tortured her to death. Both of them were drenched in sweat by the time it ended.

Ji Shiting was in a better state, but Ye Shengge was in a sorry state. She was lying on the bed, gasping for air, and her eyes were listless. Her long hair was drenched in sweat, and it stuck to her face and chest. Even her hair looked seductive.

Ji Shiting hugged her, and his breathing became irregular again.

Ye Shengge opened her eyes and saw the familiar darkness in his eyes. She hugged him, feeling terrified.

“Don’t… ” She sounded weak, and her hoarse voice sounded pitiful. “I really can’t take it anymore. Just take it that you feel sorry for me…”

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