Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: Target

Acting ability was the most important thing for actors. Mu Xiaoya would be naive to think that Ye Shengge could beat her with such a trivial matter.

Moreover, the world was unpredictable. A small piece of entertainment news would expire in half a day. Who would remember that she had bullied Mu Xiaoya once the show was aired?

Ye Shengge had been in the entertainment world for three years after all, so she understood everything well.

However, Lin Qi sighed and said, “Sister Shengge, I understand your pain.”

Ye Shengge was even more confused. “What even goes through your mind all the time?”

“I know. You love that sugar daddy, so you want to gain his respect. You don’t wish to rely on him for everything,” Lin Qi said, touched.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

It’s clearly the opposite, alright?

“…You should watch lesser dramas, okay?”

On the bus back, Su Han walked over and said to Lin Qi, “Go to the back.”

Lin Qi took a look at Ye Shengge, and after Ye Shengge nodded, she stood up and gave the seat to Su Han.

“Sister Su Han?” Ye Shengge looked at her.

“I saw the news,” Su Han said. “The public opinion is completely one-sided… This must be Xiao Ruilang’s doing. I heard from my friend that Xiao Ruilang has no bottom line. He’s different from normal people. He might do anything to make Mu Xiaoya happy. You’d better be careful.”

Ye Shengge was dazed for a bit, then she smiled and said, “I understand. Thank you for your reminder. I’ll be careful.”

Su Han was a bit annoyed. “I’m serious! You need to tell your sugar daddy about this and ask him to send people to protect you.”

Ye Shengge smiled awkwardly. “What sugar daddy…”

“The one who gave you the Valentino gown.” Su Han was a bit upset seeing her play dumb. “What’s wrong with that? I also hooked up with a rich businessman when I first started my career. It’s a good thing to have someone supporting me. Is there a need to be so secretive?”

Ye Shengge was shocked by how honest she was.

She nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll call him when I get back.”

“That’s more like it.” Su Han was satisfied with the reply she wanted. She stood up and handed the seat back to Lin Qi.

All of them had asked her to call Ji Shiting, and they had even made it sound so serious, which made Ye Shengge nervous.

The public’s opinion became more heated that night because Mu Xiaoya had an interview where some journalists asked her about it. In the interview, she said things like “It’s going to be harder this time, but I’ll persevere” and “No matter what, acting is the most important”, which implied she had been bullied by Ye Shengge on the set.

Ye Shengge was a newcomer that had no previous works. This meant that she didn’t have any fanbase. Even the netizens who had once had a good impression of her couldn’t stand the one-sided public opinion on the Internet and they all started to criticize her. The most infuriating were Summer Wood fans that treated Mu Xiaoya as Summer Wood. In their hearts, Summer Wood had always been an otherworldly fairy. Now that the fairy was being bullied, how could they tolerate it?

Those fans even started to talk about getting Ye Shengge out of the cast of ‘Xue Ning’, otherwise they would definitely boycott the show.

In short, Ye Shengge became a public enemy overnight.

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