Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: Please Big Boss Ji

Ye Shengge knew nothing about it because she had climbed into bed early and had a good night’s sleep.

After she got out of bed and washed up in the morning, Lin Qi came and brought her breakfast with a disgruntled face.

“What happened to use you?” Ye Shengge took the soup dumplings from her and asked.

“Why are you so calm, Sister Shengge?” Lin Qi frowned. “You don’t even know the extent of abuse you are getting from netizens!”

“Um…” Ye Shengge picked up a dumpling and blew at it. “Don’t read it if you will get mad!”

“I’m not the only one. Brother Tianyi says he’s about to go crazy.” Lin Qi glared at her. “Can you bear to see us like this?”

They wanted Ye Shengge to call her backer to help quell the public opinion.

“To be honest, it’s not the first time I’ve been defamed.” Ye Shengge picked up another steamed soup dumpling.

“But it’s never been as serious as this time!” Lin Qi pouted. “Brother Tianyi is still negotiating your next film. But now, who would dare hand you a script in public?”

That was true.

Ye Shengge sighed and said, “Okay, I’ll think of something.”

Her solution was to ask Xu Xiangjie if she could request the official Weibo account of ‘Xue Ning’ to clarify things.

However, Xu Xiangjie frowned and said, “Someone is obviously manipulating the public opinion on the Internet. It won’t be of much use even if the official weibo clarifies things. This isn’t something ordinary entertainment can suppress. I wonder why Mr. Ji hasn’t made a move and is letting the public opinion develop like this?”

He even threw such a question back at Ye Shengge instead.

Ye Shengge was rendered speechless. Why didn’t Ji Shiting do anything? Because she hadn’t asked him for help!

Moreover, it wasn’t just Mu Xiaoya behind all this. There was also the Xiao family. If Ji Shiting were to go against the Xiao family for her sake… she really couldn’t stomach it. Although she could expose Mu Xiaoya soon, she didn’t think she could get rid of someone as unpredictable as Xiao Ruilang.

Thus, if she called Ji Shiting, it would mean that Ji Shiting would have to take the risk of becoming enemies with the Xiao family for her sake. Ji Shiting might be willing to do so, but she would be left with no option but to admit defeat.

This signified that she would have to give him everything she had.

Ye Shengge grabbed tufts of her hair.

“I don’t care what happened between you and Mr. Ji. Can you apologize to him now?” Xu Xiangjie looked at her helplessly. “Shengge, this show has been going through a lot since filming started. I can’t let it be destroyed!”

“I don’t think it would reach that extent…” Ye Shengge smiled dryly. “Actually, this public opinion is also a form of publicity for ‘Xue Ning’. It might not be a bad thing for the program.”

“It wouldn’t matter much if it didn’t involve the Xiao family. However, Xiao Ruilang is behind this,” Xu Xiangjie said. “Don’t be stubborn, Shengge.”

That’s right. Xiao Ruilang from the Xiao family… Ye Shengge could tell how dangerous that man was just by meeting him once. He would do anything to make Mu Xiaoya happy.

“Then… Let me take leave tomorrow.” Ye Shengge sighed.

“No! Just head back later in the afternoon.” Xu Xiangjie immediately chased him away. “Hurry up and please Big Boss Ji happy! The survival of our show is in your hands!”

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