Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: Don’t Be Used By Others

“My answer? There’s only one word.” Ye Shengge chuckled, “Scram.”

Mu Yanhuai’s expression changed. “Seems like you want to do this the hard way, Shengge!”

“I don’t give a damn.” Ye Shengge sneered. “Stop the car!”

Mu Yanhuai suddenly turned around and looked at her with a weird smile. “You said it yourself.”

“Of course.” Ye Shengge frowned at him.

Mu Yanhuai sneered, turned the steering wheel hard and drove to a square nearby. “You can get out now.”

Although Ye Shengge had doubts, she couldn’t stand sitting in that man’s car anymore. She opened the door and got out without hesitation. Mu Yanhuai sneered, “You’ll come to beg me. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

He then turned the car and sped off.

Ye Shengge cursed inwardly, but when she looked up, she was shocked to see Star Brilliance’s office building.

Suddenly, someone yelled, “Ye Shengge! Ye Shengge is over there! She’s here to bully Xiaoya again!”

Ye Shengge turned around in surprise and realized that she was surrounded by a group of young girls. Most of them were holding placards with the words’ Mu Xiaoya ‘and’ Summer Wood ‘on them. Were they fans of Mu Xiaoya or Summer Wood?

Mu Yanhuai was indeed up to no good!

Her face sank as she thought of a plan. Suddenly, a few people in the fan group threw their nameplates at her.

Ye Shengge dodged and was lucky to not get hit. However, she also knew that these fans were probably crazy, so she turned around and ran into Star Brilliance’s building.

She then realized that Mu Xiaoya’s assistant, Xiao Qi, was standing behind the door. She smiled at Ye Shengge and said, “Sister Xiaoya says that you don’t have to thank her.” She then closed the glass door.

Ye Shengge kicked the glass door, but she had to turn around to face the aggressive fans.

“I’m not Ye Shengge. You’ve got the wrong person,” she said calmly.

“Stop denying it. You’re Ye Shengge!”

“You’re the one who bullied our Xiaoya, aren’t you? Trash!”

“How dare you bully our Xiaoya after stealing the lead actress role? You’re a cancer of the entertainment world!”

They said indignantly, their faces filled with hatred and disgust as if Ye Shengge was their enemy. They even threw the items to her.

Ye Shengge took a deep breath.

Actually, it didn’t hurt, but she was furious that Mu Yanhuai and Mu Xiaoya had conspired against her.

“Don’t be used by others.” She looked at the fans coldly. “Think about it. If I really had the ability to bully Mu Xiaoya, would I still be surrounded by you guys? Besides, your idol now has the Xiao family backing her. How could she be bullied by me? Can’t you use your brains?”

The fans were all dazed after hearing what she said, but a girl continued to incite, “She’s quibbling! Don’t be fooled by her!”

The girl rushed towards Ye Shengge.

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