Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Don’t Be Afraid, I Don’t Eat Humans

Ye Shengge was forced into his embrace, and the unfamiliar masculine smell invaded her senses, making her hairs stand on end.

She was about to struggle, but Xiao Ruilang whispered to her, “Only the real Summer Wood is certain that Mu Xiaoya is an impostor, and only the real Summer Wood can’t stand her gaining anything from Summer Wood.”

Ye Shengge’s mind went blank. “…You did it on purpose.”

He had probably never trusted Mu Xiaoya from the start. He had deliberately pampered her and even indulged her to force the real Summer Wood to show.

Ye Shengge felt like she had fallen into an icy cave.

He said jokingly, “Weren’t you unhappy that Mu Xiaoya drew my attention? You couldn’t take it more and decided to fight back. Am I right?”

“If it weren’t for you, Mu Xiaoya wouldn’t have been a threat at all,” Ye Shengge said. “Were you suspecting me from the start?”

“Smart girl.” Xiao Ruilang’s voice became gentler. “Are you still going to deny your identity?”

“Let me go,” Ye Shengge said through gritted teeth.

The man chuckled and let her go, but he still put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Answer me.”

Even if he had already made up his mind, he still wanted her to admit it.

Ye Shengge couldn’t have been more aggrieved, but now, she could only nod and say, “Okay. So what if I’m Summer Wood? If you like Summer Wood’s work, shouldn’t you respect me more?”

“I respect you a lot, which is why I invited you to my house.” The man grabbed her wrist and comforted her. “Don’t be scared. I don’t eat humans.”

Is this an invitation? It’s a kidnapping!

Ye Shengge tried to shake her hand off, but she couldn’t.

Xiao Ruilang shot her a glance.

Ye Shengge was even more aggrieved. She kept shaking, but she couldn’t get rid of his hand, but it exhausted his patience.

He suddenly pushed her to the car beside him and pressed his upper body down on her. He smiled gently and coldly, “I’ll get angry if you don’t behave yourself.”

“And then? Are you going to kill me or my bodyguard?” Ye Shengge glared at him.

“Are you challenging me?” Xiao Ruilang was more interested. “I don’t think I would dare so.”

“I know you dare do so.” Ye Shengge said sarcastically. “Do it then!”

However, she wasn’t calm at all.

She was betting that Xiao Ruilang wouldn’t let her hate or be afraid of him, so he wouldn’t use such extreme methods for now.

Sure enough, the man smiled and said, “I won’t kill you or your bodyguard, but I can kiss you. Since you want to stall for time, you have to pay a price.”

The anger on Ye Shengge’s face immediately vanished, leaving only pure fear. She wanted to struggle, but she was completely restricted by that man.

She tried to turn her head away as she was terrified.

Xiao Ruilang grabbed her chin with one hand and looked down. Just as he was about to touch her lips, he heard a deep and furious voice.

“Let her go.”

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