Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 261

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Chapter 261: The One You Are Auditioning For is Me

Shang Tianyi grabbed her and said, “What do we do now? Is Mu Xiaoya really going to get the chance?”

Before Ye Shengge could say anything, watched Xiao Ruilang let go of Mu Xiaoya who walked over to the audition room. However, he glanced at Ye Shengge before she entered.

Ye Shengge froze.

She heaved a sigh of relief after Xiao Ruilang left, then she took out her phone and messaged the bodyguards downstairs.

“Shengge!” Shang Tianyi was both anxious and furious that she was still in the mood to send messages. He grabbed her and said, “Where’s your sugar daddy? Can you get him to think of a way?”

Shang Tianyi was so anxious that he raised his voice slightly, and Mu Xiaoya happened to hear it.

She immediately sneered and said, “Shengge, I really don’t want you to waste your effort, but I’m sorry. As you can see, I’m the only lead actress in Director Chen’s new show.”

Shang Tianyi was about to argue back, but Ye Shengge stopped him.

“Even if I’m not the lead actress in Director Chen’s new show, it won’t be you either.” Ye Shengge looked at Mu Xiaoya calmly. “Director Chen has already made a name for himself, and he cares a lot about his reputation. He won’t have a subpar actress ruin his reputation. If he’s being forced, he can just give up this movie and head back to Hollywood. Mu Xiaoya, don’t you at least know your own level?”

Mu Xiaoya wasn’t the only one who heard Ye Shengge’s words. All the other actresses waiting for their turn to audition heard it.

They couldn’t stand how arrogant Mu Xiaoya was, and scoffed at her pomposity.

Face turning red, Mu Xiaoya uttered, “You… We shall see!”

Shang Tianyi was thrilled to see Mu Xiaoya being driven away.

“Shengge, you have to find a way to get this part. Make sure she gets pissed off!” Shang Tianyi whispered into her ears.

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “I’ll try my best… By the way, Tianyi, how did you hear that Director Chen is auditioning here?”

“Huh?” Shang Tianyi was dazed. “From a friend. He accidentally let it slip.”

“I’m afraid it wasn’t accidental…” Ye Shengge sighed.

She had a feeling that Xiao Ruilang had set her up.

However, the bait was too tempting. Therefore, she wanted to try it even though she knew it was a trap.

“Huh?” Shang Tianyi didn’t understand.

“Nothing.” Ye Shengge didn’t explain further.

The auditioning process was still going on in sequence, all the actresses who had auditioned appeared relaxed. It seemed that Director Chen hadn’t made things difficult for them.

Approximately 30 minutes later, the staff member in charge of the arrangement walked over to her and smiled, “Ms. Ye Shengge, it’s your turn.”

“Right.” Ye Shengge smiled and handed her bag to Shang Tianyi. “I’ll head in now.”

“Come on!” Shang Tianyi cheered her on.

“A waste of effort,” Mu Xiaoya scoffed disdainfully.

Ye Shengge ignored her and strode into the audition room.

However, she froze the moment she glanced up.

Only Xiao Ruilang was behind the desk.

She took a step back and put her hand on the handle, ready to run away.

Xiao Ruilang chuckled and said, “It looks like you really do want the role.”

“Where are Director Chen and the others?” Ye Shengge was cautious.

“Them? Of course they have made themselves scarce.” Xiao Ruilang’s voice was gentle. “The one you are auditioning for is me.”

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