Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Strong Ridicule

What about Mu Xiaoya? Was she pretending?

Or had Summer Wood’s account been returned to Mu Xiaoya?

The netizens were all confused, and Summer Wood’s fans left comments on Mu Xiaoya’s account, hoping that she could give an explanation.

Mu Xiaoya’s team reacted quickly. In less than half an hour, Mu Xiaoya posted on Weibo that she had never cooperated with T.S. Corporation, hoping that the account thief would take care of himself. She even said that she didn’t want any random songs to be placed under Summer Wood’s name.

Some people were convinced, but many more couldn’t accept it.

This was because the background music of T.S. Corporation’s advertisement was Summer Wood’s style. Even if it was in someone else’s name… Many of Summer Wood’s fans would find it hard to believe that it wasn’t her.

However, T.S. Corporation’s official Weibo account’s administrator was a busybody. He forwarded Mu Xiaoya’s Weibo post and said, “T.S. Corporation didn’t cooperate with you. We were cooperating with Ms. Summer Wood.”

The public opinion immediately fell apart. Everyone was still talking about Mu Xiaoya’s upcoming role in Chen An’s new show, but within an hour, the hottest topic was whether Mu Xiaoya was Summer Wood or not.

Ye Shengge put down her phone after reposting and returned to filming. When she returned to the rest area after shooting scenes, she saw Lin Qi’s excitement.

“Sister Shengge! Sister Shengge! Mu Xiaoya’s identity has been exposed!” She waved her phone excitedly.

Ye Shengge was surprised.

She had guessed that the netizens would talk about it after she had reposted, but she hadn’t expected T.S. to claim that it was truly Summer Wood’s account.

It had even mocked Mu Xiaoya after she had made such a statement.

The official Weibo account used T.S. Corporation’s credibility and authority to prove that Summer Wood wasn’t Mu Xiaoya, but someone else. After all, T.S. Corporation was one of the leading corporations. If they wouldn’t have collaborated so easily if they weren’t certain that the other party was Summer Wood.

Many people on the Internet thought that Mu Xiaoya wasn’t Summer Wood, and that she had lied to everyone. Some people even summarized all the suspicious points and reposted them.

However, there were also netizens who said that if Mu Xiaoya wasn’t Summer Wood, then how did the theme song ‘Love’ come about? That had also been a song in Summer Wood’s style.

Although there were all kinds of comments, most people still questioned whether Mu Xiaoya was a liar.

Ye Shengge hadn’t expected the public opinion to change so easily.

She immediately grabbed her phone and called Ji Shiting.

Her heart was beating fast.

Ye Shengge said, “T.S. Corporation’s official Weibo account posted two Weibo posts. Did you see that?”

“What?” Ji Shiting sounded nonchalant. “What happened to the official Weibo?”

It seemed that the man didn’t know about it yet. That’s right. Advertising songs didn’t need the boss’s personal attention, so it was normal that he didn’t know about it. Thus, Ye Shengge told him everything.

“What do we do now? Xiao Ruilang might think you’re behind this, and it’ll anger him, won’t it?” Ye Shengge was anxious. “I didn’t expect the administrator or to post this on Weibo. I wouldn’t have reposted it if I’d known. Did I cause you trouble again?”

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