Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: Why Did You Pretend to Be Summer Wood?

Ye Shengge put down her phone and went to shoot the next scene.

However, what she didn’t know was that as the post was reposted by countless netizens, many Internet celebrities released updates claiming that Mu Xiaoya had been pretending to be Summer Wood.

In the video, the host asked a few questions about Summer Wood, but Mu Xiaoya answered them all wrongly, which was undoubtedly solid evidence.

All of a sudden, there was an uproar in the online scene.

Many netizens who didn’t pay much attention to entertainment news might not care who Mu Xiaoya nor Summer Wood were, but it was imaginable that someone was impersonating another person in this society.

Moreover, Mu Xiaoya had been pretending to be Summer Wood for more than two weeks. In this half a month, Mu Xiaoya hadn’t only gotten many endorsements. She had also ostracized her competitors and was likely to be in Director Chen Anzhi’s new movie. This woman was just…


Netizens were all calling her that.

All the fans of Summer Wood who had been deceived hated her as much as they had protected Mu Xiaoya.

The sex tape of Mu Xiaoya and Mu Yanhuai was also dug out and mocked by netizens.

In the Internet era, information spread at a terrifying speed. It had only been two hours since Summer Wood reposted T.S. Corporation’s Weibo post, and Mu Xiaoya had become the target of everyone.

Although her die-hard fans were still trying to defend her, it was almost certain that she had pretended to be Summer Wood. After all, the video was solid evidence, and it had been a complete full shot, so it was impossible for it to have been fabricated.

However, Mu Xiaoya was still oblivious to all of this. Her Weibo account was mostly run by her team.

During the two hours after the incident, Mu Xiaoya was filming a program. After discussing her feud with the crew of ‘Xue Ning’, she pretended to be reserved and spoke to the emcee about her upcoming leading lady role,

Just as the recording was about to end, the host adjusted her earpiece as she listened to instructions from the director.

Mu Xiaoya kept a perfect smile on her face, but she very quickly noticed the shocked expression on the emcee’s face.

“Ms. Mu.” The emcee put down her hand that was holding the mic, and she looked a bit weird. “Why are you pretending to be Summer Wood?”

“What did you say?” Mu Xiaoya’s face paled. “Who said that I was pretending?”

The emcee stared at her and said, “There’s proof that you aren’t Summer Wood. You’ve been pretending to be Summer Wood all these time.”

Mu Xiaoya looked flustered, and the camera caught her facial expressions.

“Nonsense! Nonsense!” Mu Xiaoya stood up abruptly. “What evidence? Where did the evidence come from?”

“A video from when you filmed ‘Face to Face with a Celebrity”’,” the host said contemptuously.

Mu Xiaoya was shocked. “How could that be? I paid to buy them off…”

“That means to say that you were pretending indeed. Why did you do that? Aren’t you afraid of being exposed?” the emcee asked.

“I… I’m done filming!” Mu Xiaoya stood up.

Mu Xiaoya didn’t even have time to remove her makeup as she left the studio with her team.

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