Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: Get Out of the Entertainment Industry

Mu Xiaoya finally found out about everything in the car. Her face was pale and couldn’t stop shaking.

“There must be a way,” she mumbled, looking confused. “Quick, contact my brother!”

“I can’t get through to Boss Mu.” Song Yihai looked irritated. “Boss Mu hasn’t been coming to the office much lately. I haven’t seen him in days.”

Mu Xiaoya was dazed. She suddenly realized that she hadn’t seen Mu Yanhuai in days. He had seemed very distracted the last time she saw him. Nowadays, he only contacted her occasionally to ask how she was getting along with Xiao Ruilang.

“Calm down, Sister Xiaoya.” Xiao Qi tried to comfort her. “You can also contact Young Master Xiao and ask him to help you.”

Mu Xiaoya was terrified after hearing what Xiao Qi said.

She felt as if someone was strangling her, and her pupils dilated.

“Xiao… Xiao Ruilang…” She sounded like she was crying and laughing.” He pursued me and asked me to be part of Chen Anzhi’s movie because he thought I was Summer Wood. Now that solid evidence has been released, it’s already a blessing that he didn’t come after me. Why would he help me? ”

She hadn’t been with Xiao Ruilang for long, but she knew how terrifying that man was. He would never let her go now that he knew she was a liar!

Song Yihai and Xiao Qi were both shocked.

“Yanhuai… Keep calling him. Quick!” Mu Xiaoya was on the verge of tears.

It was Mu Yanhuai who had asked her to pretend to be Summer Wood, and it was Mu Yanhuai who had asked her to capture Xiao Ruilang’s heart, but where was he now?

They still weren’t able to contact Mu Yanhuai when the car arrived at Star Brilliance, and Xiao Qi took a deep breath.

Mu Xiaoya was furious. Just as she was about to scold her, she saw Xiao Qi pointing at the window, “Sister… Sister Xiaoya…”

Mu Xiaoya looked in the direction she was pointing at and saw countless fans gathered there.

“Get out of the entertainment industry, Mu Xiaoya!”

“Mu Xiaoya is a fraud!”

“The cancer of the entertainment world—Mu Xiaoya!”

Displayed banners made Mu Xiaoya go faint.

Fans of Summer Wood were very tough. They surrounded the car, and the driver couldn’t move an inch as he didn’t want to hurt anyone.

“Don’t worry. I’ll call the police now. Let’s wait out in the car. They can’t do anything to you,” Song Yihai comforted Mu Xiaoya upon seeing the fear on her face.

Mu Xiaoya gazed out the window with an ashen face.

She suddenly recalled that Ye Shengge had been attacked by her fans here recently. She hadn’t expected the same thing to happen to her within just a few days. At least while in the car, those people couldn’t hurt her, but she could still see the hatred and disgust on their faces.

She had been in the entertainment world for three years, and everything had been smooth-sailing for her. Although she had been facing setbacks all this time, she had never been in danger. However, seeing the disgust on the fans’ faces made her realize that she was doomed.

Mu Xiaoya felt weak at that thought.

Half an hour later, the security guards and police arrived, and the fans were successfully dispersed.

Mu Xiaoya was sent to Star Brilliance’s lounge.

However, she saw a face when she opened the door of the lounge.

“Xiao…” She shivered and couldn’t speak.

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