Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: Engagement

Qiao Yanze stared at Li Yinian and his eyes shrank. He couldn’t even hear his partner talking to him.

The ceremony was extremely simple. It only took three minutes, but for Qiao Yanze, those were the most torturous three minutes he had ever experienced.

Yu Shuhang walked to him and patted his shoulder. “Are you okay?”

Qiao Yanze forced himself to look away. His face was pale, but his eyes had a startling look.

“I’m fine.” He smiled, raised his glass and finished it.

“Oh right, where’s Shiting?” Yu Shuhang looked around.

Yu Shuhang wasn’t in the banquet hall just now, and Qiao Yanze had been distracted, so they hadn’t noticed Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge arguing.

“Here.” Ji Shiting appeared beside them with a glass in hand. “I’ll go say hi to Xiao Cheng.”

He walked forward, and Xie Siqi followed behind him. She bit her lips and grabbed his arm again.

Yu Shuhang glanced at Qiao Yanze and said, “Why do I feel that… Shiting’s emotions seem a little off too?”

“Oh really?” Qiao Yanze answered.

Yu Shuhang clicked his tongue and said, “You’re hopeless.”

Ji Shiting and Xie Siqi walked forward and gave Xiao Cheng their blessings.

Xiao Ruilang stood behind Xiao Cheng and smiled.

Although Xiao Cheng was already old, he had taken good care of himself well. At least he wasn’t senile. He chuckled and said, “It’s rare that you’re willing to give me face.”

He then picked up a glass of wine.

“You must be kidding.” Ji Shiting clinked glasses with him and smiled. “How can I not be part of your big day?”

Xiao Cheng laughed heartily.

The bride Li Yinian didn’t seem upset at all. She seemed to be immersed in happiness. Her smile was perfect, and she would glance at her newlywed husband from time to time.

Qiao Yanze paid attention to Li Yinian’s expression because of his friend, but he could only sympathize with her.

After chatting for a bit, Xie Siqi sent Xiao Cheng a blessing on behalf of Xie’s family. Li Yinian thanked her as the mistress of the house, and the four of them raised their glasses again.

As the bride and groom’s junior, Xiao Ruilang could only be a silent filial son, but he didn’t seem to mind being ignored. He kept smiling, and no one knew what was on his mind.

“By the way, Old Master Xiao.” Ji Shiting took a sip of wine and smiled. “I remember that the Xiao family and Xie family have an engagement, right? Siqi is my eldest sister now. My mother asked me to ask you to talk about your son and Ms. Xie’s marriage.”

Xie Siqi and Xiao Ruilang’s eyes narrowed.

“Engagement?” He chuckled. “Why didn’t I know about that?”

“That’s right. The engagement arrangement with the Xie family.” Xiao Cheng nodded. “It’s been more than twenty years, and the Xie family hasn’t mentioned it. I imagined that the Xie family didn’t mean it, so I didn’t mention it.”

Xie Siqi’s eyes gleamed, “Old Master Xiao, I’m here today to…”

“I think Ms. Xie and your son are a match made in heaven.” Ji Shiting smiled and interrupted her. “However, you can’t expect the woman to take the initiative regarding the marriage. What Xie family means is that if you don’t have any opinions about the engagement arrangement, I hope you can come to Xie’s house to propose the marriage.”


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