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Chapter 31: She Stole My Role

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Mu Xiaoya was looking forward to what Ye Shengge was going to say. She couldn’t help grabbing Mu Yanhuai’s arms.

She didn’t dare go on Weibo these days. Although they had cleared the rumors temporarily, her innocent image had been tainted after all.

If she could get the lead actress part for ‘Xue Ning’, all of it would be nothing.

Ye Shengge saw how passionate and eager they were. She smiled and said, “No, Xue Xiangjie said that he hoped I could be the lead actress.”

“What did you say?” Mu Yanhuai was confused. He thought he had heard it wrong.

“Are you kidding?” Mu Xiaoya chuckled as she didn’t believe it at all. “How are you going to act with that birthmark on your face?”

“Xue Xiangjie said it’s not a problem,” Ye Shengge explained calmly. “Cameras are very sensitive to makeup. They can just put some heavy makeup on, or they can photoshop me. T.S Corporation has lots of investments, and they can put some more into the show. This is what Xu Xiangjie said.”

Mu Yanhuai’s facial expressions finally changed, “You’re not kidding, are you?”

“Of course not. Why would I joke about that?” Ye Shengge was enjoying their expressions. “Even I didn’t expect Director Xu to pick me.”


“No. Not possible.” Mu Xiaoya’s face paled, but she was still trying to argue back. “Is Xu Xiangjie insane? You’ve never been an actress, and you have such a birthmark on your face. Most importantly, you’re only an agent. There’s no way Direction Xu would ever consider you!”

“I asked you to help Xiaoya get the role. What were you doing, Shengge?” Mu Yanhuai forced every word out as he was already angry.

“Director Xu isn’t satisfied with Xiaoya’s acting skills, so I did what I had to.” Ye Shengge smiled. “I gave Director Xu the notes, trying to convince him that Xiaoya’s done her homework. I even promised I’d rehearse with her myself.”

Which was what she had always done before when she had tried to get Mu Xiaoya a role in a show.

Mu Yanhuai seemed relaxed, “He should’ve seriously considered Xiaoya after reading the notes.”

“That’s the issue,” Ye Shengge twitched her eyelashes and looked down. “Director Xu easily said that it was me instead of Xiaoya who made all the notes on the play and the character, so he asked me to be the actress. ‘Xue Ning’ is meant to be a quality show. The actors’ popularity doesn’t matter, what matters is their acting skills.”

Mu Xiaoya blushed and pointed at Ye Shengge, yelling, “Did you sleep with Xu Xiangjie? The man you slept with last night was Xu Xiangjie wasn’t it? Otherwise why would he pick you?”

“Shut up, Xiaoya.” Mu Yanhuai scolded her.

“Brother!” Mu Xiaoya teared up. “She stole my role! I should’ve been the lead actress! Not her!”


“Don’t panic.” Mu Yanhuai tried to appease Mu Xiaoya, then he said to Ye Shengge, “Come with me first.”

Ye Shengge twitched her eyebrows and walked out with him.

There was no one outside the meeting room.

“Stop messing with me, Shengge. What happened?” Mu Yanhuai stared at her and said. “Xu Xiangjie’s always conservative and shrewd. There’s no way he’d pick it. It’s such a risk.”

“Or what? Do you really believe I slept with Xu Xiangjie?” Ye Shengge said.

Mu Yanhuai stroked his forehead, looking irritated.

“Yanhuai, you know that acting is always my dream. Shouldn’t you be happy for me?” asked Ye Shengge deliberately.

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