Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 323

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Chapter 323: Having An Interview Like That Is Really Degrading

Sun Ye nodded. Half an hour later, he delivered the results to Ji Shiting.

“None of Chen Anzhi’s assistant directors or assistants are called Ada,” said Sun Ye. “But I found out that his photographer’s name is Ada.”

“Do you have any photos?” Ji Shiting looked solemn.

“There’s only one photo, but it’s blurry.” Sun Ye handed her a printed photo. “This is a photo of her and Chen Anzhi on the set.”

The woman in the photo was wearing a windbreaker jacket, and her hair was tied into a high ponytail. She was facing the camera, and only half of her face was exposed, but the side profile reminded Ji Shiting of someone.

He frowned, clenched the photo and said, “Prepare a car and head to Huijing Building.”

At the same time, Ye Shengge was already on the 17th floor of Huijing Building. After she informed the staff of her name, the staff member there immediately became very respectful and sent her to the meeting room.

“Ms. Ye, there are only five people on the list today, and you’re the last one. Please forgive me. The first four actors are all top actresses. They’re too busy, so we can only accommodate their schedules. The person Director Chen is meeting now is Chu Wenjia,” he explained, as if he was afraid that Ye Shengge would be mad.

Ye Shengge knew how strong the first four interviewees were after hearing the name ‘Chu Wenjia’, so she wasn’t mad.

“It’s alright. I completely understand,” she said with a smile.

It seemed that she was on the list. Ye Shengge had know idea what was going on with Ada.

She couldn’t help thinking how reliable Ji Shiting was. Although he hadn’t actively helped her, he had still sent her to the final list just to get her a role. Besides, the staff treated her with respect probably due to Chen Anzhi’s instructions… Ji Shiting might be more capable than she had imagined.

She couldn’t let anyone take her husband away.

“We’re here.” The staff member opened the door for her. “Wait here for a bit. I’ll get you some water.”

Ye Shengge thanked him and walked in.

There was already someone waiting inside. It was Lan Cen, a popular star in recent times. She was surrounded by her assistants and stylists, and she looked amazing.

Ye Shengge was wondering whether she should say hi to Lan Cen, but Lan Cen looked away.

Ye Shengge immediately gave up that idea.

A few minutes later, someone came in. It was Ada, who had interviewed her before.

Ye Shengge was surprised, but Ada ignored her and walked over to greet Lan Cen. They even hugged.

They then started conversing in Spanish. Ye Shengge could tell that they were speaking Spanish, and she had learned a little before because she thought it sounded nice.

“Is that woman also here for the interview?” Lan Cen asked.

“I saw her on Director Chen’s list. It’s weird. She hasn’t released any productions yet, and the only project she’s ever done is still in production,” Ada said contemptuously.

“Must be another one that gets her way by sleeping around.” Lan Cen sneered. “The circle is getting crass. Having an interview with such a person is really degrading.”

Ye Shengge looked up and stared at them when she heard this.

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