Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: She Became The Newbie’s Stepping Stone

Roxy had a lot of flaws, but in this scene, Ye Shengge used her amazing acting skills that made those spectating unable to look away from her.

This was a sort of genius talent. She could use her acting skills and spiritual aura to charm any character.

Lan Cen’s performance was on point, but not many people were watching her.

After the performance, everyone fell silent.

“Thank you, Senior Lan.” Ye Shengge smiled.

Lan Cen realized something from the crowd’s reaction. Her face was pale, and Ada was expressionless.

Chen Anzhi clapped and said, “Not bad, not bad. Please swap roles.”

Lan Cen lowered her voice and muttered to Ye Shengge, “Don’t be smug. Roxy has a lot of lines in this scene, so she stands out better.”

Ye Shengge smiled slightly.

Another three minutes later, the next round of performance started again.

Changing into another character in such a short frame of time was quite a challenge for actors, but when Ye Shengge’s Wilma walked over, everyone knew that she hadn’t found it difficult to switch characters.

She was wearing the same clothes, but Ye Shengge looked like a completely different person. She was arrogant, aloof, and even a tad tired. This weariness made her seem flirtatious in a sense. Even if she wore a prison uniform, people wouldn’t be able to forget her status as a star in the troupe.

When Roxy rushed over and blocked her way, Wilma’s narrowed her eyes trying to scrutinize her. She even rolled her eyes when Roxy started speaking, to show her impatience and disdain.

However, Roxy, who was played by Lan Cen, wasn’t what others had expected. Her expression was slightly stiff, and she didn’t try to flatter Ye Shengge naturally. It was as if she was triggered by the arrogance on Ye Shengge’s face, and she even froze up for a moment.

This time, the difference between them was even more obvious. When compared to when she played Wilma, Ye Shengge’s acting now was more exquisite and richer. Even if she didn’t have many lines, people still couldn’t help watching her.

Lan Cen’s face paled after the performance.

“Thank you, Senior Lan Cen.” Ye Shengge smiled widely, revealing her pearly whites.

Lan Cen’s pupils contracted as she realized she had been fooled!

That woman was trying to provoke her, and the PK between them was caused by that woman!

She was a newcomer and didn’t have any previous works or qualifications. If she met Chen Anzhi alone, she might not be able to leave a deep impression on Chen Anzhi even if she had good acting ability. After all, all the actresses who came for the audition today were powerhouses. However, after the PK, she left a deep impression with Chen Anzhi and had also shown her acting skills fully so that Chen Anzhi didn’t mind that she lacked qualifications. After all, she was already better than an experienced starlet.

Lan Cen realized she had become the newcomer’s stepping stone!

Lan Cen was livid.

Lan Cen wasn’t the only one who realized this. Ada had also realized it too. She stared at Ye Shengge with a profound gaze. It seemed that this woman was harder to deal with than what she had expected.

Chen Anzhi smiled and clapped, “Well done! I’ll speak to each of you in private in a bit.”

“Please go first, Senior Lan.” Ye Shengge smiled and left the room.

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