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Chapter 33: I Want You Right Here

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“What about Xiaoya?” Mu Yanhuai had to get a second-best option. “Even if you won’t be her agent, you need to at least give her another show. There’re many supporting roles in ‘Xue Ning’. You can recommend Xiaoya or other artists in our company to Director Xu.”

“Only if Xiaoya’s willing to be a supporting actress in my show,” said Ye Shengge.

“I’ll try to convince her,” said Mu Yanhuai firmly. “Even if she’s only a second or third co-star in ‘Xue Ning’, it’ll still be better than nothing. Teen dramas won’t consider her at the moment.”

Ye Shengge felt pained after hearing that, out of nowhere.

Indeed, Mu Xiaoya was the one Mu Yanhuai actually cared about.

Recalling all her efforts in the past three years, Ye Shengge clenched her fists while trying to look calm, “I’ll talk to Director Xu.”

Mu Yanhuai wallowed deep in thought after Ye Shengge left.

He lit up a cigarette and took a huge puff.

It was an acceptable result for him, at least it was good for the company, but he did need to talk Mu Xiaoya into it.

He turned around, walked into the meeting room and saw Mu Xiaoya calling someone relentlessly. However, none of the people she called picked up.

“Xiaoya,” Mu Yanhuai called her out.

Mu Xiaoya immediately put away her phone and threw herself into his arms, “How did it go? Is she going to give me the part?”

Mu Yanhuai shook his head and said, “She said she’ll try to get you a supporting role.”

Mu Xiaoya’s eyes popped as she couldn’t believe what she had just heard, “She stole my part, and she wants me to be her supporting co-star? Don’t even think about it!”

“Xiaoya, this is the best way to end the whole issue. If you push further, you might not get anything.” Mu Yanhuai stared at her eyes and said sternly. “And besides, no teen drama will consider you at the moment given that sex tape. It’s time for you to transition.”

Mu Xiaoya shivered because of anger, “Yanhuai, it must be her who’s behind the tape. It’s her!”

“Enough! I told you it wasn’t her!” Mu Yanhuai yelled at her impatiently. “Besides, stop being such a brat in front of her in the future! She’s close with Xu Xiangjie now. Don’t offend her if you want to become an A-List actress.”

At the thought of her relying on the bitch Ye Shengge and being her supporting actress, Mu Xiaoya couldn’t be more furious.

Besides, Mu Yanhuai was often defending Ye Shengge these days.

Was Mu Yanhuai softened by Ye Shengge because of the peony on her face?

Mu Xiaoya suddenly felt a sense of danger, so she couldn’t help wrapping her arms around his neck and trying to kiss him.

Mu Yanhuai grunted and said, “Stop. We’re in the company now.”

“I want you right here, right now.” Mu Xiaoya said, gasping, kissing him hard.

In the end, Mu Yanhuai gave in, slamming the door of the meeting room and holding her against the wall.

Mu Xiaoya was his stepmother’s child, and she was always close to him. When she was sixteen, she had gotten into his bed and become his woman.

If Mu Xiaoya hadn’t seduced him before, what would have happened after he had an actual relationship with Ye Shengge?

Mu Yanhuai wondered.

A calm but charming face emerged in his mind, distracting him a bit.

But then, Mu Xiaoya’s passion stopped that contemplation.

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