Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Shiting and I Will Raise Him

Ji Shiting’s pupils contracted.

“Impossible,” he said coldly.

“I have proof.” Ling Yutong took out an identification document from his bag. “This is the paternity test report I just received. Little Zheng is your son!”

There was an uproar.

Ji Shiting sneered.

Was that woman crazy? Was she really going to push the child to him?

“Where did you get the identification materials?” The man asked calmly.

“I know you don’t believe me, so I asked Shuhang to get a strand of your hair and pass it to me for appraisal.” Ling Yutong looked at him. “You might not believe me, but you should believe Shuhang, right?”

Everyone turned to look at Yu Shuhang.

Ji Shiting glared at him and asked, “Is that so, Shuhang?”

“Yes.” Yu Shuhang smiled bitterly. “I asked you to attend today’s party because the test showed that you’re Little Zheng’s father. I think you have the right to know.”

Ji Shiting sneered, “Then you must be mistaken. That child isn’t related to me by blood.”

“Shiting!” Ling Yutong looked at him. “Why? Why are you so heartless? Little Zheng is really your child! Little Zheng… Mom, bring Little Zheng here!”

Jiang Lan sighed and asked the servants to bring Little Zheng over.

“Look, Little Zheng is really your son!” Ling Yutong held his son’s hand as tears flowed down his face. “Shiting, look! He looks just like you!”

All eyes were on the boy, trying to figure out whether he really looked like Ji Shiting.

Little Zheng’s face paled, but Ling Yutong didn’t notice it at all.

Ji Shiting pursed his lips, and his face and eyes were cold.

Ye Shengge couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ms. Ling, let’s just say Little Zheng is Shiting’s son. What do you plan to do?” She smiled.

“Shengge!” Ji Shiting frowned at her.

Ye Shengge gave him a “trust me” look, walked to the mother and son and said with a smile, “Shiting and I are already married, and I’m his legal wife. We’re a couple, so you can discuss any request with me.”

There was an uproar again. They had thought she was Ji Shiting’s current girlfriend or lover, but they hadn’t expected her to be married to Ji Shiting!

Ling Yutong looked up at her.

Ye Shengge also met her gaze with a smile, as if she didn’t mind her husband having a son all of a sudden.

Ling Yutong knew that she wasn’t easy to deal with, so she lowered her head again and said, “I just want to give Little Zheng a complete family.”

“That’s easy. Ms. Ling, you can also find a father for Little Zheng.” Ye Shengge smiled. “With your qualifications, it’s not difficult to find a responsible man.”

“No matter how responsible I am, I can’t replace his biological father.” She choked. “I can’t let this child down anymore.”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “How about this? I happen to like Little Zheng a lot. If you want, I’ll take this child. Shiting and I will take good care of him.”

Ling Yutong took a deep breath and hugged the boy tightly. “I won’t be apart from Little Zheng!”

“Ask Little Zheng if he’s willing first.” Ye Shengge blinked at the boy in her arms.

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