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Chapter 34: Which Big Shot Did You Sleep With?

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Ye Shengge went straight to Shang Tianyi’s home after leaving the company.

Shang Tianyi went to an advertisement meeting with his artists yesterday. He opened the door reluctantly as he had been sleeping before.

“You almost never came here,” Shang Tianyi said with a weak voice.

Ye Shengge said, “Are you home alone?”

“Or what?” Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes. “I don’t have time to go clubbing these days. Rest assured.”

Ye Shengge smiled, “Indeed, it’s been very busy…”

Shang Tianyi was a gay man without a long-term partner, so he always went to nightclubs to sleep with other men. In the past couple of months, the company had been rapidly expanding, and he was in charge of five artists’ issues, draining him of his free time.

“Come on in.” He gave her a pair of flip flops. “Why didn’t you take action after finding out what the Mu’s siblings did?”

“That’s what I came here for.” Ye Shengge said, smiling. “I’m about to leave Star Brilliance, Tianyi. Do you want to leave with me?”

“What?” Shang Tianyi was shocked. “Why so sudden?”

“I was going to dilute Mu Yanhuai’s shares and kick him out of the company,” said Ye Shengge. “But now I find it a lot of trouble, and besides, I don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore, so I might as well just sell my shares. And here I am, trying to recruit you.”

“I’ll definitely follow you, but all the artists’ agents are still in Star Brilliance. Can you take them away too? Even if you can, they won’t be willing to.” Shang Tianyi said.

“What if I can cooperate with T.S. Corporation?” Ye Shengge looked inscrutable. “I reckon nobody will say no to joining T.S. Corporation. As long as we take away all the real stars from Star Brilliance, Mu Yanhuai will have nobody left.”

“Wait!” Shang Tianyi was astounded. “T.S. Corporation?”

“Yes.” Ye Shengge nodded. “I plan to establish a studio under T.S Corporation, and we’ll share the shares equally. I’ll be in charge of the operation, and T.S Corporation will provide us resources.”

“But why would T.S Corporation team up with you?” Shang Tianyi looked at her as he found it hard to believe. “You need to think it through, Shengge.”

“I have my ways. Rest assured.” Ye Shengge said, smiling.

Her ultimate goal was to hook up with Ji Shiting again, and compared to that, establishing a studio would be a more realistic plan.


She was determined to cling to Ji Shiting.


Shang Tianyi nodded. “If that’s the case, I’ll definitely join you, and my artists won’t hesitate to do the same.”

“Mu Xiaoya is the biggest star in our company now, amongst all the other actresses. Ying Xiaoyu and Peng Jiayu, and they’re your artists.” Ye Shengge touched her chin. “There’s a new artist called Wen Kexin I’m in charge of, and we can sign a couple more.”

“We need someone as our pillar.” Shang Tianyi frowned.

“I’m here,” Ye Shengge said, laughing. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’ll be the lead actress of ‘Xue Ning’.”

Shang Tianyi was so astonished that he spewed his water out, which made him cough for a long time.

“You… How?” He grunted and said, “Tell me, Shengge. Which big shot did you sleep with?”

“I can’t tell you now.” Ye Shengge waved her hands.

“Damn it! You actually managed to sleep with a big shot?” Shang Tianyi scratched his hair. “Okay, I’ll definitely follow you, no matter what.”

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