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Chapter 36: I Want to Cooperate with Ji Shiting

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“Then do it fast!” Ye Shengge couldn’t control her exhilaration. “By the way, Do I need to lose like ten pounds? I heard I might look fatter on the camera!”


She then looked at Ye Shengge jealously.

Although her cousin had a birthmark on her face, she had a fantastic body. She was tall and slender with long legs, and she had a great butt and breasts.

“I’ll have people from my company train you after the errands,” Ye Shengge said. “I’ll head off now.”

“Okay! I’ll wait for your call.” Ye Siyan was still excited after seeing Ye Shengge leave.

Ye Shengge handed Ye Siyan’s contract to the legal department of Star Brilliance. After going back to Ming Building, she ate up and started to write a plan. She didn’t stop and go to sleep until late at night.

However, she was pretty content with the plan she had written, and she was confident that Ji Shiting would be on board!

She took that plan to T.S. Corporation on the second day.

The headquarters of T.S. Corporation was a landmark building in Yang City, and Ye Shengge felt dizzy just looking down.

She then called someone, who picked up almost immediately.

“Who is it?” The person on the other side of the phone sounded cautious as it was a number he didn’t know.

“Assistant Sun!” said Ye Shengge gleefully. “It’s Ye Shengge. We met yesterday, remember?”

The shareholders’ meeting had just ended, and Sun Ye, the first assistant, was very busy, and he was so shocked that he almost threw his phone away when he heard that voice.

“Miss Ye?” He took a look at the office of the president. “Of course, I remember you… But how did you get my phone number?”

“I saw this number when you gave Ji Shiting some documents.” Ye Shengge smiled and explained. “You had another document in your right hand which had your name and phone number on it, so I memorized it.”

She didn’t dare ask Ji Shiting for his number as she knew he wouldn’t give it to her, so she kept an eye on Assistant Sun.

Sun Ye was shocked by her story.

“Can you let me go up there, Assistant Sun?” Ye Shengge smiled and said. “I want to negotiate with Ji Shiting about cooperation.”

“Sorry, my boss isn’t receiving any guests.” Sun Ye wiped his sweat away. He didn’t know the deal between his boss and Miss. Ye, but he knew that his boss would always be in a bad mood after meeting her.

He wouldn’t bother being in the middle.

“Assistant Sun,” said Ye Shengge seriously. “If you don’t let me go up there, I’ll tell Ji Shiting you sexually harassed me. I’ll manage to meet him either way.”


Sun Ye was speechless, and he wanted to swear.


Ji Shiting just finished his work in the morning, and then he got a call from his grandpa.

He stroked his forehead, picked up the phone and said, “Grandpa.”

“Oh, you still remember that I’m your grandpa?” Grandpa Ji’s deep voice came through the phone. “You haven’t been back for meals for days!”

“Why would I? To be drugged by you?” Ji Shiting smiled contemptuously.

“Damn kid. Why are you so petty?” Grandpa Ji said, irritated. “How long do you think I can live? You dad died young, and you’re the only family I have. I don’t want to die without seeing the next generation of our family.”

This guilt trip again.

His father had died young, and his mother had remarried another person, and he had been raised by his grandpa. They were the only two in Ji’s family, so his grandpa was always discontent that he still hadn’t gotten married and had kids.

Ji Shiting listened to his grandpa’s whining, suddenly, a face came into his mind.

He frowned, looking upset.

He couldn’t believe he was thinking about Ye Shengge again.

“Are you even listening to me?” his grandpa yelled.

“I need to have a video meeting soon. I’ll call you later tonight.” Ji Shiting found an excuse to hang up the phone. He unbuttoned his shirt, probably because it was kind of stuffy in his office, swallowing some spit.


At the same moment, someone knocked on his door.


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