Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 360

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Chapter 360: Still Jealous?

“I promised Shiting that I would bring Little Zheng over tomorrow and let him have another paternity test,” Ling Yutong said. “No matter what, I have to let him know that Little Zheng is his son!”

“No!” Xie Siqi retorted. “You can’t do that!”

“Why?” Ling Yutong eyed her suspiciously.

Xie Siqi smiled and said, “You saw it yourself. Shiting doesn’t want Little Zheng to be his son. Can you guarantee that he won’t do anything? At that time, Little Zheng will lose his chance to return to the Ji family.”

“But Little Zheng is his child. This is the only result he’ll get no matter how he tests it.” Ling Yutong bit his lips. “He can’t be that heartless, can he?”

“You saw it yourself.” Xie Siqi sighed. “He didn’t even believe Yu Shuhang’s test results. Don’t you think he’s that heartless? He asked for another paternity test just to shut everyone up.”

Ling Yutong clenched his fists and said, “You’re right!”

“So, you have to protect Little Zheng,” Xie Siqi said. “Then, we’ll think of a way.”

Ling Yutong looked at her and asked, “Is this auntie’s idea?”

“Of course.” Xie Siqi smiled sincerely. “Mom said that she wants her daughter-in-law to be a rich girl like you, not a fatherless woman like Ye Shengge.”

T.S. Corporation’s building was not far away from the mall. Ye Shengge thought they would walk back, but Sun Ye came up to them as soon as they walked out of the mall.

He was about to greet them, but he couldn’t help staring at the stains and tea leaves on Ji Shiting’s clothes. He couldn’t prevent his mouth from hanging open.

Ji Shiting said, “Bring the car over.”

“Yes, yes,” Sun Ye said, glancing at Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge took her hand out and said, “Head back to the office. I’ll ask the driver to take me home.”

“Oh?” Ji Shiting curled his lips and hugged her waist. “Aren’t you going to help me change my clothes?”

“You have your own hands. You don’t need me to help you change, do you?” Ye Shengge said coldly.

She praised herself inwardly. It was rare that she wasn’t afraid today.

Actually, if it weren’t for the fact that she was used to obeying him, she would’ve exploded.

Ji Shiting chuckled again. Sun Ye had driven the car over and opened the door for them.

Ye Shengge was still struggling, so Ji Shiting carried her to the car. She wanted to yell “kidnap”, but she wasn’t that brave.

After the car door closed, Ye Shengge pushed his arm away and looked out the window, ignoring him.

Ji Shiting chuckled and said, “Are you still jealous?”

… Hehe.

“No, you’re mistaken.” Ye Shengge stared at the road outside the window. “I’m enjoying the scenery.”

The man reached out and hugged her again. Ye Shengge was furious, so she grabbed his arm and bit his wrist.

Ji Shiting didn’t cry out in pain, nor did he struggle. Instead, he chuckled happily.

Ye Shengge was furious. All he knew was to smile. Wasn’t he a little too smug today?

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