Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 366

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Chapter 366: I Can’t Bear You

“I can be a man when necessary.” Shang Tianyi was very smug. He turned around and put his elbow on her shoulder. “Okay, the person in the way has left. We…”

He suddenly stopped talking and looked at Ji Shiting as if someone was strangling him.

Ji Shiting glanced at his arm then stared straight into Shang Tianyi’s eyes.

Shang Tianyi retracted his arm and said, “Shengge, you’ve learned everything you need to know today, haven’t you? Go back now. I won’t keep you here anymore.”

He then turned around and ran to the rest area as if there was a monster chasing him.

Ye Shengge was worried that Shang Tianyi would be traumatized.

She then walked to Ji Shiting and coughed, “Have you… changed your clothes?”

“Mm.” The man curled his lips. “What about you? Are you done?”

Ye Shengge wanted to say that she wasn’t done yet, but she had lost all her courage already.

Moreover, this man had come to her personally, so she had to show him some face. Thus, she nodded.

Ji Shiting was satisfied, so he held her hand and left, leaving the receptionist behind.

Ye Shengge who had lost all her courage couldn’t continue being cold to him on the way back.

Thus, she didn’t struggle when the man hugged her. Instead, she leaned against his chest.

“What did Mu Yanhuai say to you?” Ji Shiting played with her hand and asked.

“He hasn’t given up yet.” Ye Shengge frowned. “It’s already over. There’s no point in continuing on like this right?”

Ji Shiting looked at her and smiled, “Who are you talking about?”

“Of course I’m talking about Mu Yanhuai.” Ye Shengge looked at him calmly.

“That’s right, so I got my men to beat him up,” Ji Shiting said.

Ye Shengge was envious.

This man could beat Mu Yanhuai up anytime, but could she beat Ling Yutong up?

Besides, it was Mu Yanhuai who had let her down, so she felt justified no matter how she treated him.

However, Ji Shiting and Ling Yutong were different. They clearly had feelings for each other, but Ji Shiting had misunderstood Ling Yutong. Now that he realized that he had made a mistake, the man would probably feel guilty. That was why he had agreed to meet Ling Yutong alone.

She suddenly thought of something and said, “You now know that you misunderstood Ling Yutong. Why didn’t you give her another chance?”

“How sad would you be if I chose her?” The man looked at her and curled his lips.

Ye Shengge was furious.

That man was still pretending to be innocent.

“Who says I’ll be sad?” She gritted her teeth. “If you don’t believe it, try me. I’ll immediately get lost if you ask me to give her my spot.”

The man chuckled, lifted her chin and looked at her. “Would you be satisfied with the answer that I cannot bear to be without you?”

Ye Shengge’s face flushed. Although she knew that the man was probably teasing her, she still couldn’t help feeling emotional.

“What do you not want me to do?” She couldn’t help asking.

The man thought for a bit, and said with a smile, “Live well.”

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