Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 376

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Chapter 376: Another Evaluation

It was already eight in the evening when Ye Shengge arrived. She had just walked in when she heard her grandpa’s energetic voice.

“Why won’t you admit it, son? I don’t care what reason you have, I only want the results of the paternity test!”

“Grandpa, why don’t I adopt a child from the orphanage and raise him by your side?” Ji Shiting suggested.

“Get lost! Are you trying to anger me to death?” Grandpa Ji was panting.

Ye Shengge coughed to show her presence.

The two people in the living room finally stopped arguing. Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow, obviously surprised.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming back?” The man walked toward her.

“I wanted to give you a surprise.” Ye Shengge smiled and looked at Grandpa Ji. “Grandpa.”

“Yes, you’re back.” Grandpa Ji greeted her. “Shengge, have you met Little Zheng? What do you think of him?”

Ye Shengge nodded and said, “He’s a good kid. He’s smart and cute.”

Grandpa Ji smiled and said, “Really? I saw that child at Old Sun’s 70th birthday banquet two days ago. I also think that child is very good!”

The thought of that child being a descendant of the Ji family made Grandpa Ji’s heart burn. He had been looking forward to having a great-grandson for so long, yet such a big child had suddenly appeared, and she was smart, cute, and good-looking. How could he not be excited?

Thus, he couldn’t help calling Ji Shiting, but the kid was still as stubborn as ever.

Grandpa Ji was furious, so he went to Qianfan Villa to stop Ji Shiting.

That was what Ye Shengge had seen.

“No matter how good that child is, his surname isn’t Ji.” Ji Shiting looked at him coldly. “Please stop.”

Grandpa Ji was furious again.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help sighing. It seemed that it was useful for Ling Yutong to bring Little Zheng to the banquet. At least, Grandpa Ji wanted Little Zheng to be Ji Shiting’s son.

“Actually, I saw that child today. He sneaked to the set today,” Ye Shengge said as she took out a sealed bag. “I got a strand of that child’s hair. Grandpa, if you trust me, let Shiting do another test with this hair.”

Grandpa Ji was dazed. “Really?”

“Really.” Ye Shengge nodded. “I took it off his head. I’m sure it’s his hair. I also want to know whether this child is related to Shiting or not.”

Ji Shiting took the envelope from her and smiled, “Grandpa, I’ll verify it if you trust Shengge.”

Grandpa Ji looked hesitant and glanced at Ye Shengge.

Ye Shengge smiled bitterly.

Indeed, Grandpa Ji didn’t trust her much, and he probably wasn’t very satisfied with her as his granddaughter-in-law. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have told Xu Shaoqing that she had married Shiting with ulterior motives.

If she hadn’t been understanding enough, Grandpa would probably have pressured her like Xu Shaoqing.

“Grandpa?” Ji Shiting said coldly. “What do you think?”

Grandpa Ji saw how calm Ye Shengge was, so he nodded and said, “Okay, give me the bag. Give me a sample too. I’ll ask someone to appraise it.”

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