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Chapter 38: Perhaps You Will Feel The Spark Again

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The office was so quiet that they could hear it when a needle dropped, and a dubious tension spread in the room.

Ye Shengge wanted to say something, but she just couldn’t bring herself to.

Ji Shiting suddenly smiled, which made him look more approachable. There was a sense of looseness in his regal image, making him look sexier.

Ye Shengge couldn’t help staring at him.

She remembered Ji Shiting’s smile from before, but it was always just curving his lips, and he looked distant even when he smiled.

“Different positions?” The man suddenly said with his hoarse voice, and he looked more pressing. “What kind of positions? Huh?”

Ye Shengge was mesmerized by that ‘huh’ at the end, and her face went fully red.

“They were… They were…” She blushed and said. “You had a good time.”

That man was despicable. He had had a good time yet pretended that he didn’t remember anything.

Although she was the one who had flirted with him on both nights, it was him who had had crazy sex with her.

Ji Shiting stared at her blushing face and smiled sneakily again.

He was laughing at how she was pretending to be experienced.

“There’re too many girls who want to sleep with me, Ms. Ye.” The man adjusted his breathing and said. “I don’t feel the spark between us anymore.”

Ye Shengge’s face was still heated, and her mind was full of shame.

However, she had to suppress the shame for her own sake, “Let’s sleep together again. Perhaps you can feel the spark this time.”

Ji Shiting stopped smiling and looked distant again.

“Are you here to talk business or be a prostitute?” He tapped on the desk and said disdainfully. “I’ll never cooperate with someone so unprofessional.”


Ye Shengge was rendered speechless.

It was the man who had made the whole thing dubious, yet he was the one claiming she was being unprofessional?

Ye Shengge was pissed, but since she was the one asking for cooperation, she couldn’t show her real emotions, “Boss Ji, can you read the project plan again? The share distribution is also negotiable.”

Ji Shiting enjoyed how she was ingratiating herself to him and curled his lips.


He knew that she was up to something, yet he wasn’t angry at all since he was the one being pursued. He even felt slightly pleased.

The pleasant feeling turned into expectation, as he wanted to know what the woman was going to do.

“No,” He said apathetically. “Miss Ye, I’ve given you enough time, but your project plan failed to impress me.”

“Boss Ji…” Ye Shengge looked at him.

“I’ll call security if you don’t leave,” Ji Shiting said coldly.

There was nothing Ye Shengge could do now. She just puffed out her cheeks.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

Ji Shiting picked up the phone, “What happened?”

“Boss.” It was Sun Ye. “The chairman of the board is here, and he’s in the lift…”


His grandpa had come?

Ji Shiting frowned, hung up the phone and stared at Ye Shengge.

If his grandpa came in and saw him with that woman in his office alone, he would definitely talk nonsense.

Ye Shengge was intimidated by how he looked at her, “What… What happened?”

“Hide yourself, said Ji Shiting. If she walked out, she would definitely run into his grandpa.

“Ah?” Ye Shengge was dazed.

“I told you to hide yourself!” Ji Shiting sounded impatient.

Ye Shengge was made nervous by his tone, but she couldn’t find anywhere to take cover, except the desk. She immediately climbed up the desk, turned around and fell into Ji Shiting’s embrace.


“You…” Ji Shiting could tell what she was trying to do, but there was no time to stop her as he heard the door knock.

“Shush.” Ye Shengge waved her hand and hid between Ji Shiting’s seat and the desk.


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