Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: Who’s the Man in the Room?

Ji Shiting looked at her angry face and smiled.

He liked how she looked now more than when she was trying to please him.

Be it jealousy or anger, they were all full of vitality.

“That’s right. It’s all my fault.” His voice became hoarse, and his dark eyes softened. “How do you want to punish me?”

Ye Shengge’s ears heated up at his voice, and all her anger disappeared.

She knew that she was being petty. Actually, that man was very decisive when it came to dealing with Ling Yutong.

Even the lingering pity he had wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. This meant that the man was ultimately soft-hearted. If he was the kind of person who wanted to live and die because of love, she would be afraid. After all, who knew whether she would become an ex?

“Punish you…” Ye Shengge thought for a bit and felt deflated.” Forget it. I can’t bear to. ”

Ji Shiting hadn’t expected her to say that, and his smile widened.

“I underestimated you, Ye Shengge.” He stroked her chin and said hoarsely. “How about this? I won’t bother with her even if we run into each other. What do you think?”

Ye Shengge immediately smiled and said, “You said it yourself.”

They returned to Qianfan Villa.

After lunch, Ye Shengge couldn’t wait to return to her room with the script Chen Anzhi had given her. She had only listened to the story outline in the morning, so she wanted to know the full storyline.

Ji Shiting smiled and didn’t stop her.

He went back to the study to deal with some work, and Sun Ye came over before dinner.

Sister Xiu brought Sun Ye to the study.

“Boss.” He handed Ji Shiting some documents. “This is the meeting report for this morning. There are a few documents that need your signature.”

“Mm,” Ji Shiting answered.

“Also.” Sun Ye took out a small USB drive. “There’s finally some progress on the matter you asked me to investigate.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and said, “You got the video?”

“It’s the video of Ms. Ling entering the hotel.” Sun Ye put the USB on the desk. “The hotel back then had a new boss, and the CCTV couldn’t be found anymore. I spent a lot of effort to find a laptop in their warehouse that had been scrapped for a long time. After recovering the information inside, I found something.”

He had described the process of the investigation to be very difficult to show his credit.

Ji Shiting knew what he was thinking. He smiled and said, “Thank you.”

He then inserted the USB drive into the computer, where a video file was inside.

Ji Shiting clicked on it.

The computer showed the hallway of the hotel. Ling Yutong was obviously stumbling, and the person holding her was an unfamiliar woman.

“It was Ms. Ling’s birthday, but Ms. Ling knew that something had happened to the Ling family’s finances, so she drank a lot on the day of the birthday party,” Sun Ye explained. “Then, Ms. Ling’s friend helped her to her room.”

“She had Little Zheng after that night?” Ji Shiting looked solemn. “Have you found out who the man in the room is?”


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